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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


P: 2 weeks tilll the tournament commences. I’m interested to see the data.
S: I’m interested too.
S: But i’m bored. I’m gonna leave.
???: Where are you going?
S: Places. Don’t follow.




Part 1 Complete!




(Chapter 5 summary when?)


(probably tommorow tbh)




“A tournament… Why should I join such a thing? Looks lame to me.”
Gar throws the invitation aside onto the floor.

“Don’t wanna.”
Perhaps something would change his mind?


“Yes! It is my chance to shine light upon the greatness of the world! Rena, prepare more metal!”

“Damn it damn it damn it! Edmund will definitely participate!”

He drives hurriedly to the workshop.


It is Wednesday. My dood.

The examining will be shortly after lunch.


Thomas and co recline in a warehouse they found.
H: Hey! These seats are pretty comfy!
T: Really? I just found them here. Now then, what are we going to do first as a team?


Rito is planning a way to use the tournament to expose Samuel as a corrupt politician