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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


“Great idea, Russel. How about we have a Cthulhu club here on campus? I’m sure the organization adviser would approve of it!”


Russel puts down his book

R: “Great idea! You’re a genius, Gerald!”

You can see him brighten up.

R: “Let’s go do it right now! I’m too excited to do anything else anyway.”


So Russel and Gerald went to the organization adviser’s office to share their idea for a Cthulhu club, but she looks pretty uninterested.
“Okay… so you guys want to create a club based on a fictional character? What’s the purpose of such an organization?” :wine_glass:


After a long talk on the phone, Laura settles down. She looks at the clock… Wow, its late…

There’s a meeting tomorrow. I have to go to sleep…


*Russel looks offended"

R: “Fictional?! You can’t prove that he doesn’t exist. In fact, you should let us create the club to prove that he does, in fact, exist somewhere in the world.”

Russel beams at the adviser

R: “It’ll be fun for us anyway, isn’t that the purpose of most clubs? In fact, I’ll let you have honorary member status if you let us create it.” :wine_glass:

(Sorry if this is bad Squid)


“Honorary member status? Hmmm…”
The adviser ponders for a bit
“Fine, I’ll let your little club get established, but if it breaks any rules, it’s done for. Understood?”
Gerald creates a giant grin on his face
“Of course! Thank you so much! I tell you, the Cthulhu club will become the biggest organization on campus!” :wine_glass:


Huh? What’s this? The rest of the files have been corrupted?! That’s a weird coincidence. Maybe the Cult doesn’t want us to know its history, it could be too terrifying for the human soul to contact. That is all for now for A Cult Classic. Now for your regularly scheduled programming.


Chapter 5 Complete!


Creating a bout of might and mettle is an easy way to finish scores that need to settle.

Its been a few days since the gathering at the Cthulu Cult’s quarters.
As you all wake up:
“This is Silver News, this is Terry Partridge.”
“Determined to integrate the notion of legacies into our society, the government has worked with scientists, researchers and volunteers to bring an event which will mark the first formal usage of legendary powers in a competitive setting. According to certain reports, unlike the conference, this will NOT be open to the public. Instead, letters will be handwritten to desired participants. This tournament will be heavily inspected by researches to analyse the nature of these powers. It is expected to start within the next month.”
Everyone of you has received a very official-looking letter.

Chapter 6 : A New Development, Start!


Rito takes a look at the letter with confusion in his eyes
“A tournament for legacies? Is this a way of reducing our numbers or let out our rage? I might as well investigate to find out the answer.”


Daniel has fully recovered thanks to the cultist’s magic

D: intrigued “A tournament? I wonder what Liz and… Sam… thinks about it. Seems fun though, I’ll probably join if Samuel will be fine.”

D: to Samuel “Please don’t run off again Sam.”

Daniel goes to show his letter to Liz.


You see the letter, written elegantly.

It tells you about how the tournament works , how to prepare , what might happen , and where it is taking place.

Upon looking at the bottom lne noting it’s main contributors , you see an odd sight.

Samuel Rogers is included within the names.


Rito growls with anger
“Samuel! Of course he’s up to something! That no good slimeball is gonna kill us all!”
Suddenly, Rito has an idea. He turns to Jack
“Jack, this is our chance to prove that Samuel is a corrupt politician! Why don’t you come with me? I’ll cover you in an illusion so nobody will notice you.”


Samuel has ran off again.

L: Wow, you got one too? Exciting. I did!


Jack nods his head.
“Sounds good to me, lad. Ensure I’m protected and out of sight.”


D: peeved “God damnit, how am I supposed to protect him if he keeps running off.”

Daniel goes to find Liz.


(uh, this is awkward.)


It doesn’t take long , as you see her bounding along the street , with a paper in hand.


“Of course, why leave a very important person such as yourself out to die?”


Rito drinks some more blood wine
“You want some, Jack?”


J: I’ll pass.