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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


Samuel makes his way into an alleyway, kicking the concrete intentionally, and muttering to himself about his anger for these new “legacies.”. He observes the watch on his left wrist.
S: Nearly nighttime. Better get there soon.
He then looks towards his right hand , which holds his signature grey metal rod. He clenches it tightly as he looks at it.
S: Now…
He stops and looks at the building he was currently facing. Extra’s. The same shop that was burgled not too long ago, and the same one where he served justice to the criminals.
He casually opens the door into the store, where he hears a jingle , accompanied by a voice.
Shopkeep: Ay, Sammy!
S: Hey, boss. I’m in here again.

Elizabeth looks at Daniel, then back at Rito.
E: I-I don’t know… You guys are nice but…
She shrugs.
E: I’m not the decision-maker person. I kinda just go with the flow.
She chuckles, but it seems slightly forced.


“I see, how about you check on Daniel to see if he’s ready to leave? For the time being, Jack will stay with me to ensure his protection.”


E: Ok!
She walks over to Daniel.

Jack seems to be telling a story to the cultists in one corner of the room , unaware of you mentioning his name.


Rito stares at Jack and the cultists chatting around with a smile on his face and mumbles to himself
“We’ll get the world to know the truth, I promise.”


As night falls and the sky grows darker, the Cultists say farewell to Elizabeth and go on to sleep


Now you may be wondering how this cult came to be… well… it’s a long story, but it is very interesting, so sit on your comfy altars cause you’re in for…
A Cult Classic
(This is filler until Whamm comes back from his cruise and to make sure this thread isn’t dead. Posts that are part of this mini story will be indicated with this symbol: :wine_glass: Anyone can join in cause it wouldn’t be fun if it was just me around. Fair warning: If this gets disapproved by Cheesy, then A Cult Classic will be scrapped. Now then, enjoy.)


It all started with the release of the short story titled The Call of Cthulhu by H. P. Lovecraft in 1928. With this story grew fans of the titular villain. Two of these admirers were Russel York and Gerald Minteck, two college students who resided in New York City. :wine_glass:


Russel York had an interest in the Sciences. He would often spend his classes reading books instead of paying attention to his lessons. Russel was smart, but he wasn’t really interested in learning anything. As for Gerald Minteck, he always daydreamed in class and not paying attention to his studies. He dreamt of leading a group with the same passions as him. :wine_glass:


Francis leaves the cult headquarter and returns to his workshop. The furnace is still on. Some craftmen are still working.


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Around a circular iron table, Francis and his craftmen sit. It is one of their routine meeting; A time to exchange idea and thought, and also to reports their work.

“I will begin with a good news: Mechanical Gun, Shock Spear, and Fire Boots, are a success!”

Francis put the three contraptions onto the table for everyone to see. Truthfully, these items are not Francis’ alone. It is the accumulation of idea and planning of everyone involved.

“It must be said that Fire Boots is unpractical. Hindering. Heavy. And… smelly.”

Hearing his last words, the craftmen scoot a bit away from the boots.

“Back to the blueprint with the boots.”

“No complains.”


Russel and Gerald had just finished reading The Call of Cthulhu and had decided to talk about their thoughts in their dorm room. (@MaximusPrime , are you ready?) :wine_glass:


Gerald lays on his bed with a shocked expression
“Holy shit. That was the most trippy thing I’ve ever saw.” :wine_glass:


Russel is already rereading the book so he can memorize its every word. :wine_glass:


Gerald looks towards Russel
“Dude, do you think we could obtain powers just like Cthulhu?” :wine_glass:


Russel is reading his book while talking

R: “Definitely! I’m sure Cthulhu exists somewhere in the world… We only need to find him!”


“But how can we do that?”
Gerald looks through the window and looks into the nearby ocean :wine_glass:


Russel looks up from his book

R: thoughtfully “Hmmm. . . Well we definitely can’t do it by ourselves. . . Why don’t we try creating an organization dedicated to finding Cthulhu? I’m sure there are others out there like us!”