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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


Back in the Cult Quarters, Rito is leaning on a wall drinking “wine” when he sees Liz nearby
“Elizabeth, you’re still here? I was sure everyone else went to the meeting with the President.”


E: Uhh… yeah…?


“I just needed someone to talk to to let out my anxiety.”


E: S-Sure…


Rito leans towards Liz and whispers to her to make sure nobody can hear him
“Who do you think is the one responsible for torturing your brother?”


Elizabeth thinks.

E: I…don’t know… what about you?


“Personally, I think it’s Samuel. His hatred against legacies is not hidden and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to hurt them.”


E: … That makes sense…
E: But why would he atack someone who was meant to protect him?


“I’m not sure, some people are truly twisted, especially politicians. We can’t always trust what we see.”


E: What can we do about it?


“I believe we must warn everyone to stay away from that devilish man. I know some won’t be willing to face what needs to be said, but if we’re determined enough, then even they will see the truth.”


He glances at Jack who is with a small group of Cultists
“And I think we need the help of someone that knows of Samuel’s corrupt morals.”


E: Ah… I see.


Rito wants to make sure that he doesn’t draw suspicion, so he starts speaking in a normal tone again and switches to a different topic
“Are you quite curious as to how this wine is created, Elizabeth?”


E: It’s not made out of…grapes or something?


“Although it does have some grapes in it, that’s not the only ingredient.”


E: What else is there?
Liz looks intrigued.


“Well, it contains the blood of our enemies, we don’t like to sacrifice ourselves, but we do run into foes that needed to be out of the way.”
Rito smirks as he takes another sip of the wine


Elizabeth attempts to say something in response, but it takes quite a while for her to get the strength too. All she utters is:
E: Oh…
Blood from your enemies…? Consuming it? She found it very hard to take in.
He can’t be serious, right? That’s disgusting. It’s a joke… right…?
E: I see. Okay!


“What a lovely discussion we had. Do you want to stay here for the night?”