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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


One reporter stands out from the rest
R8: “How can we even trust these ‘things’ roaming around in our world? They sold their souls to gain powers spawned by the devil himself! Pretty soon, they’re going to start creating chaos and there’ll be nothing we can do about it!”


P: Again , they are not a threat. They are one of us. We know that it is not like a soul contract, as you can revoke or switch your pledge at any time. Also, like I’ve said. As a potential evil grows, our wide and varied police force also grows in power. Trust me when I say our police force will squash all discord that may rise.


Thomas and co walk back down the street, dejected.

T: We need to find her! We need to know her last name though… does anyone know the name Elizabeth?

H: Well, lets go to our base then to mull things over.

T: What base?

H: You know, a base for our team.

T: We don’t even have a name yet!

H: How about… the FamSquad!

T: That’s the worst name I’ve ever heard, but I’ve just had an idea for where to find Liz!

H: Where?

T: Well, you know that there’s this really important meeting with President Rogers… I’ll bet that she’s there!

H: Oh yeaaaahhhhh…

They head off there.


T: Ok, you guys keep quiet, and I’ll go and look for her…


You open the doors and hear the Presindent speaking.

P: It’s a shame he isn’t here now , as he has fallen through some hard times , but I thank him immensely for what he has done.


Thomas looks around, trying to find her face.


You see her closer to the front.


T: Hey! Liz!


E(quietly): Oh, hey!


T: Are you in the middle of something right now, or can you come over here now?


L: Ok…?
She walks over.


T: half whispering half shouting to the other guys Come over here!
T: So basically, I’ve been gathering some legacies together, in an alliance! So far we’ve got me, Hugh, who can summon spears and control them and Rob, who can run at the speed of sound! Would you be interested in joining?


L: Not really…


T: But… but it’s called the FamSquad!


E: I’m sold.
(gtg aaaa)


T: Nice! Let’s go once you’re ready. We still have one more person to recruit…


Francis turns on his GoPro and puts it on his breast pocket. It’s slightly peeking out of it ,giving it a good albeit wobbly view of the surrounding. He turns it on.

Francis raises his voice.

“Are you planning to recruit Legacies into a legal force? Think of this: Legacies may want to live, but if the use of their newfound power is restricted without a faucet to release it, going rogue is the easiest solution.”

He spreads his hands.

“Why abhors the rule that only work against you? Why not use the power you have? …will be their thought.”


(but Liz is in the cultists hideout @cheesyknives)


Gavan turns in surprise as he sees Francis causing a commotion. Again.

G: “Francis might be slightly mental, but he does have a point… Rules only work when the majority of people abide by them.”


Samuel is at the government building again.

He is on his phone, and receives a message.

S: Hmm.
He turns round to all of them.
S: I’m leaving. Don’t follow me.
S(louder): And I mean it!
He leaves, grabbing his staff.
He walks off slowly.
S: Your fault for becoming a Legacy, Akari.