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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


As they enter the Cult Quarters, Rito knocks on the door. A voice is heard through the other side
Cultist: “What’s the password?”
Rito: “Tetra Uron Feota”
The door opens


Jack follows close behind.
“You’ll have to introduce me to everyone.”

(“Rito… Rito? Are you alright? What… what happened? Is everyone safe?”)


“I will in a few minutes.”
(“I’m fine, we came to a compromise. I’m back at my quarters with my friends.”)


(“And so… Samuel is not the culprit?”)


(“He’s not off the suspect list yet. We need to gather more information first.”)


Francis follows.


Rito walks onto the main stage and gives Daniel to a cultist
“Brothers and sisters, I apologize for my long absense, but I have very important information to share. There is a man who is torturing our kind in pure hatred.”
He gestures to Jack
“Jack was forced to work for such a madman, but we have set him free alongside a young legacy. I hope you treat them as family.”


“Some of us travellers have suffered injuries, so I heavily believe our doctors will be able to heal our wounds. Thank you and Pal Kon!”
The other cultists chant Pal Kon in return


Well. After maintaining the website, she goes to the kitchen and starts preparing dinner. A nice cook she is.

Gar is asleep. But he’s walking from the living room to his bed. Huh.


Francis claps and chants enthuastically with the rest of the group.


Jack smiles as he surveys the group.


The President opens the doors to the halls.
(Feel free to come and discuss and what have you >:V)


As Gavan lurks amongst the crowd, you can hear reporters shooting the President questions.

R1: “What are your opinions on these Legacies? Do you think they should be banned?”
R2: “How does one obtain these powers?”
R3: “How are you planning on stopping them?”
R4: “Are Legacies even human?


The president hastily replies to each reporter, clearly not anticipating the barrrage.

P: No , no! I think the nature of them should be explored further!
P: You pledge to them in a dream.
P: They are not a threat to us.
P: They are , I can assure you.
He wipes sweat from his brows.


More reporters barrage the President with questions
R5: “How many of these Legacies are there?”
R6: “Will they kill us all?!”
R7: “How much more of them will we get?”


Laura has published a controversial article on legacies. She talks about the legacies and how they would affect the business economy. She notes the rise in numbers for legacies and the importance to recognize that they are humans, therefore needing to keep each person in check and records.

Followed by her suggestions to keep the economy going. A law to record each and every person’s powers and legend in a database given by the government. Researchers to research on education, how people might learn to control their powers and to limit their powers. Categorize attacks by legacies, into 5 severity levels.

And after that, all the business economy stuff. Each situation is described with a factor and supplemented by a solution.

All in all, the message is clear. Legacies are humans. They cannot be treated harshly just because they turned different, it’s like the racism issue all over again. It is time to adapt, help and incorporate such people into our daily lives. Because the numbers are growing, sooner or later, the whole world will be filled with legacies.


Francis comes to the meeting. He has been advocating rights for legacy through all of his accounts, while still hiding he is one. One important message he has been repeating, Human Legacy.

Taken from his most recent post:

They are not only Legacy. They are Human’s Legacies. Their power make them different from humans, but their power is a cultivation of culture of the past. A condensation of our history, and our tradition. In a way, they are more human than us. It is up to society to help them use their power in a positive way that does not hurt others.


Rito is absent from the meeting. He feels he is responsible for keeping an eye on Daniel while his leg is being healed. At the same time, Rito introduces Jack to some of the other cult members and gives him a tour of all the different rooms the quarters have to offer.


P: We’re not exactly sure on a number yet , but looking at current patterns we suspect that 85% if humans have had the opportunity to become a legacy at this point. However , people not understanding what was happening reduces that number.
P: They will not kill us all.
P: Potentially everyone could be a legacy.


The President taps the microphone.

P: Ahem.
P: I feel it is important for us to understand where we are in terms of legacies.
P: It has been half a week , yet many discoveries have been made in that time, thanks to seemingly innate knowledge about these powers. We already know, for example , that physical powers, and magical powers exist, and most magical power uses can detect others like them with a distinct aura.
P: Thanks to research. We can do many things, such as train our police and military to be accustomed to these powers, have no-power zones, and get registration of powers before you are able to use them. This will not come into affect now , but it will certainly come soon.
P: We now also have the Hunter System , invented by one of our fine scientists, Andre Hunter. This can determine a magical Legacy’s power How much power a blast was, and how much power a physical attack was. We are working on measuring physical Legacies power.
P: We are gla we could make such a big step so quickly, and we hope that only good things will come becuase of this new development in our society.
P: Again , you may ask some more questions , but thank you for listening.