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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


Rito faces away from the portal, carries Daniel, and exits the portal


The masked man shakes hands with the shopkeeper, before turning to Francis.
“What brings you here, lad?”


“My feet. Tell me, are you rich?”

He squints his eyes. Masked man, masked man. What to do with a masked man. Hm…


The masked man laughs.
“Sadly not. I am no one of importance.”


“He’s been forced to torture people, of course he’s not got much on him.”


“Prespoterous! Only one of importance wear mask!”

Not rich? Hm… Not so important then. Francis feels a bit disappointed.


“Anyway, I’m taking him and Daniel where they’ll get the care they need. Just don’t get left behind this time.”


“You left me! Why is it I was left behind when a twist of fate happens?”

He opens the wine bottle and takes a swig from it.


“You must of been too drunk to pay attention.”
Rito rolls his eyes as he opens the door to the exit


“I hate the bar…”

Still grumbling, he follows Rito.


The masked man follows suit. He seems happy.


“Who are you again?”


The man seems to ponder the question for a moment.
“Call me Jack.”


“Like Jack and the Beanstalk? Jack the Giantslayer? Jack the Trickster of Ellen Wood?”


“Jack is quite a common name, lad. I’m no one special… I assure you.”


“Well, Jack, the Cultists back at my headquarters are quite friendly. I bet you’ll be quite familiar with them within a few days. I’ll tell them everything that happened.”


Inside the cells , a black form re-emerges.

A: Finally… they’re gone.

Andrew turns back into sludge and traverses up the wall to leave.


(but they’re in an enclosed magical area…?)


Jack twiddles his thumbs.


“Who ordered you to torture souls?”

A question pops up in Francis mind. If he is ordered, there is someone else behind him. Which suggest that something larger is planned behind the scene.

Something large…

“Yes! Yes! Is this Thyche siding with me? Is this the generosity of Nemesis? I have found my true calling! Fate, I will derive your mystery and control it to my whim!”