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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


With the effort that Rito can make, he attempts to shift into a snake to try to get out of the man’s grasp


Francis, still a bit hazy, get left behind.

When there is a such interesting turn of fate in front of him, he got left behind?!

“Hey, old man. Can you open the portal again?”


The masked man begins to pant, as Rito transforms into a snake and falls to the ground.
“You… you, lad… you fucking snake! Said I could trust you, you’d keep me safe, eh?”
The masked man stomps on the snake.
“That’s your fucking mistake mate!”


(@CheesyKnives get Liz to pick me up pls lel)


Rito attempts to transform into the giant squid monster from before to overwhelm the masked man


He is too weak, and only able to transform back into his human form. There are bruises all over his body from being stepped on.

(pretty lenient considering you got stepped on and crushed lul)

“Ha… haha… you wanted to take advantage of me, like everyone else… but the joke, the advantage is on you!”


Shopkeeper: “Sorry bud. Portal only opens every 30 minutes, unless you wanna pay some’in’ extra.”


Rito links Pierre to call for help
(“Pierre… I’m seriously injured. Please… I’m in the shop located in a dark alley. There’s a shopkeeper that opens a portal to my location if you give him some money. Help me…”)


“Does this count as extra?”

He puts the wine bottle on the table.


(I guess Liz just watches? Use Liz lol)


“Sir… I’m sorry for trying to hurt you… I’m just trying to solve all of this. You don’t have to be afraid of all the people that tried to hurt you. We’re here to help.”


(I’m not writing a paragraph fight between not my characters lul)


“I know how much you hate Samuel. We hate him too. He hurts all of us.”


The masked man menaces over you.
“I don’t… no! NO! No more! No… please no, no more…”
The masked man steps back.
“I’m… I won’t be taken advantage anymore… no more!”
The man grabs a hold of Rito’s neck once more, yet his intent seems different. It’s clearly not to kill… yet… something has changed.


“What… what is… happening?”
Rito feels the pressure against his neck again, but somehow it’s not as strong as it was last time


The shopkeer laughs.
“Just wait 5 minutes, and keep your wine.”


“But I want to see what happen,” he grumbles.


The masked man smiles.
“No more being taken advantage of. No more.”
He lets go of Rito.


“I understand. I am sorry for trying to hurt you. I’ll take you to my place where you’ll be safe.”


Suddenly, a portal opens. The masked man exits, as does Elizabeth. Lee then exits. Daniel is on the ground.