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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


(“But doesn’t Samuel have an intense hatred for Legacies? I don’t think it odd for him torturing legacies in such a manner.”)


(“You do know me… don’t you, Rito?”


(“Of course I do. You’re the one that showed me the path to my true potential.”)


(“I’ve worked with and protected the Rodgers family for as long as I’ve had a career — and used my powers to protect Samuel numerous times… even once against you.”)


Rito stands in silence for a moment
“Elizabeth, can you carry Daniel for a few minutes? I have something that needs to be done.”


E: Mister… I don’t think I can carry him.


“Well, guess I have to do it with extra weight.”
Rito casts an illusion onto the masked man to make himself appear as Samuel without him carrying Daniel
“Well, well, well, how’s my little friend doing on torturing those legacies?”


The masked man looks shocked.
“How did you… was that all…”


“Don’t be scared. You recognize me, don’t you?”


The masked man looks around, but does not see Rito or Daniel.
“Did you… where did they go…”


“I saw them escape. But don’t worry, we’ll capture them soon. Now how about I see that pretty face of yours?”
Rito reaches for the man’s mask


The masked man jumps back.
“This wasn’t… this wasn’t part of the deal! The mask stays on.”
The masked man pauses.
“What do you want, why are you back here? Your days are numbered.”


“I just want to see you as you truly are, not as a man behind featureless metal. Show me who you really are.”
Rito tries to grab the mask with force


“An interesting twist of fate…”

Francis mutters to himself.


Rito grabs the steel mask and tears it off, only to find… another mask underneath. This one looks to be thinner, made of some sort of flexible medical plastic.
“You go further Samuel, and all bets are off. You know I can make your life a living hell. No more.”


“Good, I don’t like how this deal went out anyway.”
Rito tears off the plastic mask


Rito goes to grab the mask, yet before his hand gets to the masked man’s face — the masked man wraps his hands around Rito’s neck. He clamps down hard around Rito’s throat.
“You wouldn’t fucking dare laddy.”


As Rito’s supply of oxygen gets cut off, his illusion wears off and drops Daniel


(you’re not with us, you’re in the shop I believe)