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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


The masked man snaps towards Daniel once more.
“Do not fall directly into his trap, boy. This is NOT a war between legacies and mortals. This is a war between a man fueled by hatred and his victims. What I do in regards to my beliefs is entirely of my own decision. Be thankful for my courtesy thus far.”


E: So… Mr… can… you take off your mask?


“Indeed, take off your mask if we’re going to trust you. Once you do so, I’ll take you to my headquarters and take very good care of you.”


D: “Hey, um, Rito? Could you please be a bit more careful with how you’re holding me…? My leg is still bleeding cause that man shot me…”

Daniel glares at the still masked man


“Oh. Sorry about that. I know a doctor that’ll make sure your leg feel better than it has been before.”


The man runs his fingers over the mask, and flinches reflexively. The dark crimson stains across it serve as a dark reminder of what happened here not long ago.
“I… the mask must stay on. To reveal my identity plays into Samuel’s hands. If you do not trust me due to this, so be it.”


sighs I’ll have you somewhere where people can keep an eye on you. If you do anything suspicious, then you’re going to be my next sacrifice.”


E: Oh.
E: I Don’t trust that Samuel person one bit.


Daniel chuckles at his comment

D: harshly “Don’t talk about change if you… refuse to be… apart of it.”

Daniel faints due to blood loss

(He’s not in critical condition yet tho, just shock and stuff)


(no we’ve got 30 minutes lul)


(don’t we have to wait 30 min tho)


“As we wait… Rito — what must we know about this Samuel character?”


(Daniel fainted though)


Daniel is passed out

(b l o o d l o s s)


(“Samuel is at the tower with me. That’s not who you’re dealing with.”)


“Hmmmm, I was told that Samuel’s in the tower, how could he have tortured Daniel and be in the tower at the same time?”


“Samuel left here 2 or 3 hours ago… he told me to stay here, so I obliged.”


(but not the entire time :thinking:)


(“The masked man said Samuel left this place two or three hours ago. Where was here before that time?”)


(“Around then, yes. But Samuel is not the person who trapped Daniel, it just doesn’t make sense… — Daniel’s job was to protect Samuel, and Daniel clearly outpowers him.”)