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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


The man happily takes the money , then creates a portal to the other side.

Shopkeep(quietly): 30 mins, and i’ll appear.
Shopkeep(quietly): See ya!


The masked man nods.
“You too.”


(Y u no tell me D:<)


“Great chat we had.”
Rito nudges Francis and Elizabeth to enter the portal with him as he goes along its path


(u were with mm1 and mm2 who knew the ropes, at least he assumed so)


Elizabeth sees the portal and follows.


The masked man watches as Rito and Elizabeth enter the portal. He pauses. He stands next to both cages, one containing Daniel and one containing Andrew, along with Lee.
The man stays silent. He simply stares.


Rito glances at the cage containing Daniel and links with Pierre once more
“Pierre, I found Daniel! He’s imprisoned by a masked man! I have Elizabeth with me, we should be able to get him free.”


The masked man goes through his pockets, and pulls out a key.

“I don’t wish for a fight. Please… allow me to escape as well.”


E: Dan!
She looks at he masked man.
E: What?


Rito gets shocked by the man’s openness and grabs the key
“Sure, I’m not a fighter myself, so I’ll let you free. Who’s forced you into this anyway?”
Rito goes to Daniel’s cage and unlocks it


Pierre responds, in shock.
(“Imprisoned by a… who is with you? Do you need backup?”)


(“No, I’m fine. This man just gave me the key to Daniel’s cell. He’s saying that he wants to escape as well.”)


“The boy you freed… he seems to know of him. I do not know of his identity myself. He exploited my anti-legacy sentiment, and before I knew it — the lad had me in too deep. I seek refuge with you if it is possible.”


“Of course, no man deserves to be enslaved physically or mentally. I have a place where you’ll be able to be at peace and meet new friends.”


Daniel notices Liz and Rito come through the portal

D: Liz!! Rito! Watch out, don’t trust this man! He’s evil and he works with Samuel! Be careful…"


The masked man turns to Daniel.
“You are free to think of me what you will, chap. All I’ve the ability to do is extend my deepest apologies.”


“Wait… did you just say Samuel caused all of this?! I know he has a thing against Legacies, but you’re saying he has the guts to cause something like this?”


Daniel eyes the masked man warily

D: “Most likely, you’re going to spy or turn on us later… If you were truly sorry, you would become a Legacy and try to stop this madness with us.”

D: “Also, uh… (this is embarassing…) Can someone carry me please? I still can’t move yet…”


Rito carries Daniel who is actually pretty light, how convenient
(“Pierre, Daniel is saying that Samuel is the one that locked him in that cage.”)