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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


Rito analyzes some shelves to look for any materials that could have belonged to Daniel


The man turns round.

MM: Your insides are greedy for power. That’s why you chose the path of evil. Inside and outside is horrendous.


You see a little girl also frantically searching the shelves.

You hear her saying something faintly , but can’t make it out.


Rito looks down at the little girl
“Hello there, dear. Are you looking for something as well?”


She faces you , and you realize it was the little girl in the room Samuel was in a while ago.

E(quite quickly): Have you seen a boy named Daniel? Blue hair blue eyes, my height…


“Elizabeth? So you’re looking for Daniel as well? I asked the shopkeeper about him and he said that Daniel stopped here and left.”


E: Does he know which way he turned? Or… anything more?


“He didn’t say, I might have to perform some interrogation on him.”


She stops.
E: Wait…
E: How… how do you know my name?
She seems confused but then she shakes her head.
E: It’s fine. Do your interrogation thingamajigy.


The masked man sighs.
“Don’t try to take the moral high ground, kid. Our normal way of life has been forever robbed from us due to these powers, these pledges, these legends… the world will never be the same. You’re the one who made that choice.”


Rito casts an illusion on the shopkeeper making him appear as the person he’s most willing to tell the truth to
“Hello, it’s nice seeing you again. How’s the business doing?”


He sees you.

Shopkeep: Ey, hello mate. Buisness going good.
Shopkeep(whispering): Ya back for another round?


Rito whispers as well to make his façade more believable
“Of course I am. Bring me to it.”


The Shopkeeper smiles.
Shopkeep (whispering): Gotta give me the usual first. No tricking me this time.


Rito internally gets nervous. He can trick people into seeing things, but he can’t get exact information out of them
“Oh yes, uh… I seem to have lost my memory, what’s the usual again?”


The shopkeeper points towards you.

Shopkeeper(slightly louder): No , No! I know you , haha.
Shopkeep (quieter): 5 bucks and nothing less!
He grins.


Daniel scoffs at the mad man

D: “Morals… What do you know about them? You just tortured a couple of people for God knows how long… You have no place in lecturing others about morals. I hate people who don’t even try… those who simply blame others when things don’t go their way.”

Daniel looks away from the masked man


The masked man chuckles.
“Then you hate me, and I hate you… you called it, eh? That’s why we can’t be friends — that’s why you can’t double dip — chap, wants to take the powers and stay normal… shall I take out the rod, or are we done here?”


Rito chuckles loudly
“Oh I’m a jokester alright!”
Rito gives the shopkeeper “5 bucks” while linking Francis
(“Hey, I need to ask you for a favor, when I start moving, follow me and bring the little girl with the blue hair with you. I’ll make sure this man won’t notice you two.”)
He also makes Francis and Elizabeth invisible to the shopkeeper’s eyes


Silence ensues.

D: “. . .”

D: “You could’ve chosen a better life for yourself. You better hope you don’t regret it.”