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Legends' Legacy [Roleplay Thread]


Before this plane existed, there was a world above. A place that known as the Upper Realm. It was a vast area, filled with infinite acres of every biome. In this area, housed legends. Of different shapes, different sizes, from all different kinds of everything imaginable, they all resided here.

However, the realm was inactive. It was a place of resting for these legends. Civilizations had been destroyed and reborn. Heroes had lived and died. The present remember little of the past. For every year that went by, the influence of these legends weakened, and the force they could exert on our world decreased – from accruing their large groups of followers and worshipers, to be merely mentioned in modern tales as myths.

Soon, however, this all changed. What happened? Nobody can say for sure. But this infinite world of old… it came alive once more. And that brings us to the world below.

Men and women, in dreams, making deals with characters and gods from fiction and various mythos. When the first story broke, nobody would believe it. How could you? But even so, it kept happening. The reports increased in number, and before long, the public was forced to acknowledge the truth. These people, in accepting this deal… they’d become truly superhuman.

So a meeting was called, a diplomatic party of sorts. The leaders of our world scrambling to ensure they have power to hold onto. This is where our story begins. As some of the first people to obtain their power, you’ve received a very exclusive invite. You’re there to contact others like you, persuade nations and powerful people alike to your god’s side, and perhaps even cause some mayhem. The game begins.

Plot So Far:

The Game Begins - Part 1 [Posts 1 - 176]

The legends have come to earth via dreams and have blessed the higher-ups of society,with powers of a godly sort! All for them to partake in their legendary game of war. Many were bewildered at this sudden change in humanity, and began to fear what would happen next. President Rogers, leader of the country, organised a meeting to sort out any problems people had. And it seemed that order had been restored, when suddenly, a seemingly feeble reporter came to terrorise those in the meeting! After a battle with an envoy of Hecate, Gavan Nord , he was defeated. There was definitely something odd about the reporter, however.

Unfortunately, the meeting had to be ended abruptly because of the incident. The press was asked to keep silent about everything that had just transpired, but you can’t be sure with them…

Terrors - Chapter 2 [Posts 177 - 313]

You really can’t be sure with them. Despite requests to have a media blackout, the press reported the incident, exposing the whole world to this new age of human civilization. A few hours after the report, some kids had gained their legendary abilities. Power hungry, they decided to go and raid a local store. However, they were stopped by two men; Samuel Rogers, son of the president, and Francis Ward, a follower of Hephaestus. Despite both their strange tactics, they eventually beat the teenagers, and handed them into police.

Money and Marching - Chapter 3 [Posts 314 - 573]

After the incident that happened to him yesterday, the son of the president, Samuel Rogers has spoken out against the spread of legacies that have so quickly taken over. With his speech, he influences quite a large number of people to protest against these powers.

Gavan, being an assassin, receives new bounties, most being people around the area. But there is one big one that catches his eye. The 10 million dollar bounty for Samuel Rogers. Gavan believes it’s the best opportunity to seize that bounty, and so approaches the government building in an attempt to intercept Rogers. During this attempt, he is stopped by a guard, whose name is later revealed to be Pierre. This guard is seemingly immune to the magic he deploys, and thus the mission is aborted, for now.

Rito, follower of Cthulu, finds himself in the protest going on. He sights Samuel in the crowd, and is seemingly angered by his presence. He attempts to mentally attack Samuel, but his attack is stopped by the same one who stopped Gavan. Both the guard and Rito take to the skies in a chase. It ends with Rito losing, and falling asleep. Garfield, a delivery boy obsessed with sleep, happens to be where Rito and the guard ended up. He is commanded to watch them both. Pierre enters the dreams of Rito, turning him complaisant for the time being. All 3 leave the location they were at… to see Francis Ward running towards them.

Rito and the guard then fight Francis, but it’s not long before Francis is subdued. Pierre intends to take him into custody, but Garfield is able to take him away before Pierre can do so. It turns out that his sister, Laura told him to take Francis and meet up at a local cafe, to discuss about distributing one of Francis’s inventions, a breadmaker, in France.

Meanwhile, Garfield and Alexander discuss Garfield conducting some contract work for Alexander to subdue the legends.
What will come of these relationships? What will come of the continual protests? Who knows, for now.

Relation Degradation [Posts 574-994]

It’s day two of the protests. However, the protesters are more aggressive this time around, and are acting strange. Rito and his band of cultists attempt to solve the situation to no avail. Daniel, a power follower of Zeus, Pierre and Rito ward off the aggressive crowd, and a young boy who still attempted to attack, but not in the same way as the others.

Daniel goes to do his job of protecting Samuel Rogers. However he manages to piss Samuel off. Samuel leaves the building, and a curious Daniel follows. After some investigation , he finds the entrance to where he thinks Samuel is from a shopkeeper. And sees a horrible of sight of teenagers being tortured by two captors for an attempt for them to revoke their powers. A fight occurs, and Daniel pleads to the captors to let the teens go, however , this angers one of the captors so much, that it makes him violently attack one of his victims so hard that they revoke their pledge, and power. The battle ends with one of the captors leaving, and Daniel being locked in the cage that was once for the victim that revoked their power.

Meanwhile, both Francis and Laura attempt to go to the government building to see Samuel. However , Pierre denies them entry. Francis prepares a monologue in a fit of rage, but is stopped by… himself?

It turns out to be his brother, another Francis, who refers to his other as “Edmund.” He’s tired of his brother’s shenanigans. Another fight ensues, yet both fall.

Later, Francis appears again, to Pierre’s irritation. However he asserts that he is the “real” Francis.

Which makes you ask… is the physical realm a reliable indicator of a person…?


Being a wealthy man, Alexander recieved an invite and headed to the party. He looks at everyone in the room, grabs a glass of scotch and starts observing his surroundings


Laura walks in, scrutinising her surroundings. The atmosphere was different from other conventions, with many powerful ones said to gather.

She awaits by the side, her invite was probably an afterthought. Sure, she had a booming online business, but she did not qualify as powerful just yet.


having slept on the bus to his new apartment, Gavan pondered on going to a local restaurant and scopi g out his new home. Feeling refreshed, and more importantly, free of burden, he decided to go. Well, almost free of burden. He needs to find more followers for Hecate
“I might find a person who would be willing to listen” he thinks doubtfully to himself.

As he walks out, he sees people flock to a giant building a few blocks away to watch the rich people walk in the building
“Must be one of the rich people having a party to spread their influence again.”

(sorry if this is no good, I’m trying to improve my RP skills D:)


(It’s ok! Keep going!)


Rito had heard about the party from gossip spread around from the residence of his Cult. He had been invited, so he shall gather information for his fellow Cultists back home on any traces of magic


“I still can’t believe I’m actually invited to such a gaudy place. Nothing good can come out of here, but I can’t pass up this opportunity for information. Better go invisible then” Gavan says as he wraps his illusion around himself, giving the guise of invisibility.

He’s gotten tremendously better at it than the first time he asked for help from the Gods. Back when he was still a gangster’s stooge. But that’s not important at the moment. Managing to sneak into an elevator with a group of welathy people, the doors open to a luxurious suite.
“Please, let me escort you to your table,” a steward says.

Sneaking away from the group that’s now following the steward, he uncloaks in a dark corner of the room. He’s secretly relieved that he won’t look out of place with his casual jeans and a hoodie, compared to the group that came in bringing wrapons.
“Do they honestly think they’re going to have to fight here?” he laughs to himself
Not that he didn’t bring weapons of his own, of course, but at least he concealed them.

(Thx Shurian :smiley: I’m overthinking things lol)


Those who has become an envoy of legend are weird. That was Francis first thought when he enters the room. The irony of this statement is Francis himself, sitting crosslegged in the middle of the room, using a screwdriver to puncture through a glass filled with scotch.


The glass breaks. The alcohol it contains freely flow out of it. What he miscalculate is how far the beverage will flow. The edge of his trousers is soaked with alcohol. He wrinkles his nose, and suddenly stands up.

“Impurity! Sacriledge! How cruel of Dionysos to bring this cursed drink to mortals. What could subdue man to fate better than wine? What could numb the mind of human better than scotch? None! I pray you, none!”

A steward silently takes the glass he has now forgotten as he goes off on his monologue.


Rito hears the sound of glass breaking and turns around to the source of it. He develops a subtle look of disappointment on his face.
“No wonder I don’t go to parties.”


Glad for the attention that the rowdy fair haired man drew, Gavan walked around the edge of the room toward the bar unnoticed, searching for potential followers.

“Everyone seems to know someone else around from here, or have their own goal in mind. My best chance at getting a follower probably lies in one of the other loners here,” he says, thinking aloud.


Francis ears perk up. Ever since he was granted his power, not only he possesses a wide array of power, but his senses have become more sensitive. He bends his head backward, and lashes it forward toward Rito.

“You! Will you repeat your blasphemy in front of everyone?! Have you get no shame?! Party is a show of beauty, a show of arrogance done by humans and gods to spit in the face of nature! Who are you to despise human creation?”

Well, who is he to speak for humans. Francis appearance gives off an atmosphere of eccentricity, with his wild spiky hair and google, which is very out of place at a party of this scale.


“This is not a party that is supposed to have chaos shoved down its throat. We are here to show our true potential and let me tell you, you’re wasting yours.”
Rito takes a sip from a glass containing an oddly colored liquid


Sensing a fight brewing, Gavan sits at the bar and pretends to be deep in thought, when in reality he is sending his scout to observe what’s going on without being noticed.

One of the figures is the fair haired man from before. That’s no surprise to him. It seems as if he is already a follower. The other is a creepy hooded figure(hoods indoor? weird.) with an eye necklace of some expensive material. Gold? Judging by the way he’s grinning, he definitely looks like a cult leader… Best to stay away from him for now, until he gets more info.

Neither look like they came particularly prepared for a party and, like himself, are looking for followers


Francis snorts.

“Foolish fool. Everything is important in the grander scale of fate. A peeble on the street may turn into the alchemy stone when fate is entertwined around it. Passivity only leads you to be guided by fate! Rules only bring you further down the river! O, great Hephaetus, forgive this imbecile who knows no manner!”


Rito rolls his eyes
“You think wielding the power of a craftsman can bring you success? Try believing in a real god and maybe I’ll reconsider your rank.”


“Hah! Better a craftman than a cult who has no place in society! Degenerate.”

Francis says the last word slowly and deliberately, with a smile and a look of contempt in his eyes.


Listening to the fair haired man ramble is giving him a headache. Fate? Destiny? Psh who believes in this stuff anymore. This isn’t some fantasy story where everyone lives happily ever after. If there was such a thing as fate, he never would’ve been abandoned by his parents, or forced to become a gangster Gavan thinks spitefully

Chiding himself for being distracted, he reengages in the conversation.
"I’m normally not like this… perhaps it’s the atmosphere. Anyways a follower of Hephaestus? Shame. I would’ve liked to have converted him, although he does think differently. A Craftsman is always useful to have around, no matter however odd he talks


In spite, Rito snaps his fingers to send an illusion in the craftsman’s mind. He does not know what the illusion contains, but he knows it involves his victims worst nightmare


Francis smirk suddenly vanishes. His eyes widens, and before long – quite expected by everyone – he goes off on another monologue.

“Impossible! No! NO! I am Francis! I can prove it to you! None can take my name! No one! Even if fate spirals out of control, even if I am drowned by the water of events, I AM FRANCIS WARD!”

He screams his head off. If it was another gathering, he would have been kicked out for disturbing the peace. There, however, where some people openly carry weapons, what is a little noise?


noticing the fair haired man writhing and screaming in pain, Gavan decides to go help him out.

“I liked him earlier, and i don’t like people who abuse others for fun. Can’t believe he’s a fellow illusionist as well. Unfortunately i’ll have to use my real body for this” he thinks to himself

Opening his eyes, Gavan gets up and fast walks up to the Hephaestus follower and dispels the illusion choking him.

“Hey. Francis or whatever your name is. You owe me one now.”

Gavan sighs internally, what had gotten into himself. First thinking about his parents, and now helping another person and drawing attention to himself? He only hoped that he wouldn’t regret this.

“C’mon get up, you’re blocking the path” he grunts as he pulls him up.