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Legends' Legacy [Interest Check]


Yea pretty much




pats innocent head

how are you so pure


if enough people join, i’d be willing to do it i guess

i don’t really mind RP, i think it’s interesting to see other people tho cause i feel like i’m pretty trash at it


“Urgh… I don’t wanna move from here. I’m fine where I am.”

“No! Fa’ar! Get up! Lady Fia is in trouble! You can’t just sit here being the lazy ol’ knucklehead you are! Fia helped you so much!”

“It’s true… It’s just so… troublesome.”

“You owe her! Did Lady Fia ever complain that it was troublesome? No! Get here right now!”

“Fine… I suppose I can get some shuteye later. Alright girl(horse), up and at them!”


Also, shall we establish character relationships before the rp?


Nah I’m using another character. I like to rotate my cast.

Dinara my love! It is your turn to be under the spotlight!


Who said you had to choose? :slight_smile:


It’s not like I made a joke about that or anything :^)

You may choose fantasy creatures.


But. But.

I don’t understand.? :3


Everyone who is born is not bound to anyone. They may choose to keep it that way.


DW im trasher.
As long as you don’t godmod and you try you’ll be fine


godmods self





I CC that


oh ok


My character is weakk D:


You’ve given me an idea :open_mouth:


what idea?


It’s probably bad but

“The Godless Ones” (sicc name btw) Are a group of peeps who don’t liek the idea of potentially having their destiny bound to someone else. They are one decently sized group against the whole, but most are very intelligent and have access to alot of weapons. Not everyone who hasn’t bound themselves to a legend is part of this group , but the group do actively support people who aren’t and will frequently attempt to get them to join their cause. Unlike most other legends; they don’t want to take over the world by brute force; rather , show others how a team like them can survive and thrive (they believe that once this is shown , people will come naturally.)

Just an idea :stuck_out_tongue:


“Gods? Perfect? Where did you get that idea? You haven’t met a lot of gods, have you?”

“We did create life, and can do many things that you creatures of flesh can’t. But that doesn’t make us perfect. It just means we can make mistakes on a much grander scale… We’re not what you’ve been taught, and we’re much closer to you skin-wearers than some will admit. But we do make mistakes… Sometimes we make terrible mistakes. Sometimes all it takes is one emotional outburst and the entire world is drowning underwater!”

Not ripped from somewhere. Yeah.