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Legends’ Legacy [Character Sheet]


This is for the Legends’ Legacy Character Sheets. Keep OOC posted to an absolute minimum please. If you get a like from me or Cheesy, consider your character approved. Format below.

Character Info


Legend Info

Powers Bestowed:

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Character Info

Name/Aliases: Mary McDonald
Age: 25
Gender: F
Appearance: Mary is 5’4’’, with an average build, her mid-length hair is white, not through age or through loss of pigment, but because she likes having white hair, it generally flows freely but she occasionally ties it back into a ponytail.
Personality: idk how to describe personalities
Motivations: Mary isn’t a very motivated person, she tends to focus on the here and now rather than making plans for the future, she aligned herself with Jack Frost because she “thought it would be neat and also it saves money on heating my apartment”
Other: Mary was born in Edinburgh to Annie and Winston McDonald, when she was three they moved to London, when she was 20 she moved to New York where she currently resides, she works from home as a freelance programmer.

Legend Info

Legend: Jack Frost
Powers Bestowed: Ice Powers
Freezing Touch - Mary can cool down and freeze objects she touches
Frost - Mary can freeze the moisture around her to form ice from the air
Cold Resistance - Mary can withstand much colder temperatures than an average human
Cold Body - Mary’s body temperature is lower than average, so it may not be picked up by things that see heat signatures
Mist Form - Mary can turn into an icy mist and move around while in this form


Character Info

Name/Aliases: Ritonor Qintell (Rito for short)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has long black hair that reaches his shoulders, pale skin, and grey eyes. He’s also about 6 feet tall with an average build. Finally, he wears a cloak of purple and black with a necklace containing an orange eye. (Kinda like this pic that Max posted in the Discord omg he’s so hot!)

Personality: He’s aloof and intelligent. He thinks creating connections with other people is a waste of time.
Motivations: He wants to know what lies beyond the physical world. This includes gods, magic, and spirits.
Other: When he was a child, Rito was seen as an outcast to society for his interest in magic. He became isolated which gave him more time to study the history of gods and magic wanting to be just like them. Later on, he joined a cult dedicated to finding the source of magic.

Legend Info

Legend: Cthulhu
Powers Bestowed: Dark Magic
Illusion Creation - Causes an enemy to see an illusion that could negatively impact them for a period of time.
Shadow Blast - Shoots a blast of shadow energy at an enemy.
Shapeshifting - Turns Rito into a different desired form for a period of time.
Telepathy - Create a connection with someone to be able to speak to them mentally.


I got rid of it cause it was too OP


Character Info

Name/Aliases : Edmund Ward/Francis
Age : 24
Gender : Male
Appearance :

Personality :
Erratic. Impulsive. Fiery. If one is to reduce Francis (as he called himself) into three words, those three will describe him quite well. Quick to anger, quick to subside. He is not one to hold his feeling, rather showing them openly to the world.

Some may regard him as a reckless, arrogant guy with no preservation. And they will be correct. However, it is not that he looks down upon others. He completely believes in his self and puts his belief above anything else. A man of principle, one might say. The trouble lays with
his principle.

Motivations :
Francis has a deep belief in fate. He wants to be an influencer of fate, not merely a grass in the flowing wind.

Francis' Words

“Creation! Creativity! What has seperated men and beasts from the beginning of time and history? That’s right! Cooking! Such an intristic art! Cooking food, creating delicacy after delicacy for pleasure! Now tell me. Who is so selfish he eat for pleasure? That’s right! Humans! Our selfish self who has desire for beauty, desire for anything out of our reach! My heart is set in stone. You, master of forge, is not inferior to the all important master of kitchen! I will join you, oh great craftman!”

Other :
He was disowned by his father when he was 18. Francis is actually Edmund’s younger brother’s name. Him using it irritates the ‘real’ Francis greatly.

Legend Info

Legend : Hephaetus
Powers Bestowed : Craftman’s Gift
-Workshop Table: Francis is able to summon tools commonly found on a craftman’s table such as hammer, drill, and wrench.
-Metal Manipulation: Francis is able, to a degree, to manipulate metal.
-Heat Resistance: Francis can withstand high temperature.
-Mind Blueprint: Francis is able to conceptualise an idea in his mind, changing it into a blueprint.
-Craftman Body: Francis physical strength, endurance, vitality, perception, and sensitivity is boosted to the peak of human’s achievement.


Character Info

Name/Aliases: Laura Lephis
Age: 24
Gender: Female

Personality: Quiet, Straight to the point. If she wants something, she would consult with her brother first, but otherwise would be nonchalant. Money-minded. Family first, Friends next… then… Ooh, if there is a way to get money, she would do it! However, this is where her grey line lies. What would she do?
Motivations: Money. Money. MONEY. GIMME. Oh, also her family’s safety. And also her friends. Not an afterthought. Ehem.
Other: Great in business acumen. On the way to being a great entrepreneur. Has her brother help deliver things in the country. Makes her own handicrafts, enjoying every part of it.

Legend Info
Legend: None. Yet.
Powers Bestowed: Rip this part.


Character Info

Name/Aliases: Alexander Fedorov
Age: 65
Gender: Male

Personality: Calm, calculative. Those are the words Alexander can be best described with. He seems to be assertive and stubborn at times, he rarely lets anyone tell him what to do.

Motivations: Alexander prefers to maintain the status quo. He doesn’t believe in any gods, legends or anything of that sort. He actively resists change.

Other: He was born in Vladivostok, Soviet Union, 1953. After living sometime in Soviet Union, he managed to smuggle himself into America, where he built a huge business empire “Fedorov Enterprises”, which has left him with quite a fortune. Now, years later… Alexander is finally close to retirement, his life’s work is complete.

Legend Info

Legend: Nope
Powers Bestowed: Nope


Hey I’m not very good at writing and this sorta stuff so pls don’t judge too harshly

Character Info

Name/Aliases: Gavan Nord
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has wild, dark brown hair with even darker brown eyes(though his hair typically covers it). About 6’0" and has an average build. Wears unassuming things so he gets ignored. Strong from his years of being in a gang.
Personality: Very distrusting of other people and slightly selfish. A quick thinker and has street smarts. Dislikes crimes and being touched without permission. Also prefers to avoid fighting and conflict whenever possible, mostly because it makes it hard on him.
Motivations: He hopes to find a better way of living and just hopes he’ll survive. He’ll do nearly anything for his survival and is good at talking his way out of deadly situations. Dedicated to his Legend (as it is very beneficial for him).
Other/Backstory: Being abandoned as a child in a crime infested city, he lived in an orphanage for most of his life until the principal owed too much money due to her gambling addictions and he was forced into a gang. He quickly learned the ways of the trade with the help of his powers and rose up the ranks but still holds an intense dislike for it. Moved and left the criminal scene after paying off his aunt’s debt and making a decent amount of money. Known for being good at strategizing and assassination and for being skilled with a blade (more so the dagger than the sword). He still does assassinations/hunts down criminals when he’s low on money though
Weapons: Gavan dual wields two long daggers/short swords for rapid attacks. He also uses a shorter dagger that is always on his person somewhere. Nearly all of his weapons can be easily concealed, and all contain a paralyzing venom on the blades. Gavan also has vials of poison but he normally doesn’t carry them around. He does have a gun but he nearly never carries it. He dislikes using guns if possible. Preferred method of combat is close up.

Legend Info

Legend: Hecate
Powers Bestowed: Magical Powers(no name for them yet)
Illusion: Skilled at creating illusions to confuse and distract the enemy, or hiding himself
Scout: Can see in the dark(night vision) and can create and orb of light that only he(or select people he chooses)can see. If he closes his eyes he can see and hear through it. He also has heightened senses.
Poison: Immune to all forms of poison. Knowledgeable in poison.
Spells: Ability to cast spells to harm the enemy(fireball, lightning etc) but they are tiring


Name/Aliases: Thomas Michaels
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: White with thick brown hair. He has a scar down his face going through his eye. That eye is milky white and covered with his hair most of the time. Fairly tall and slim.
Personality: Likes to stay away from people generally, and gets angry when people get too close. He loves dogs a LOT.
Motivations: His life was restored by Hel and swore allegiance to her. She could also bring dogs back to life for him.
Other: He owns a husky called Oscar, and would protect him with his life. Oscar would do the same for him. He favours a knife for combat.

Legend Info
Legend: Hel
Powers Bestowed: He is imbued with life, healing flowing through his fingers. He can heal himself and others from mild injuries but not fatal ones. He and his weapons possess the power of death, a dark aura around him, his dogs and his knife. It is not fatal, but makes people feel weak and physically sick for anyone in the aura. He can also tell if people are legacys.


Character Info

Name/Aliases: Garfield Lephis
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Personality: Street-smart. Loves Sleep, he fantasizes about sleep. Hides his actual smartness behind laziness. Actually, I’m not even sure if he’s hiding behind the laziness or he’s being a potato couch.
Motivations: Sleep. Anything to make his life easier.
Other: Notably sticking with his sister, it is not clear who is the older one. Helps deliver the products to customers from his sister’s business. He keeps excellent records, even if it seems like he’s not trying. He has good abilities all around, but if only he would actually use his gifts or get a job, his sister wouldn’t be so bothered.

Legend Info
Legend: Kratos
Powers Bestowed: Behold, Strength
-Physical Enhancement: Physical Strength, Endurance is boosted beyond human limits. Perception is boosted slightly. Speed is not increased.
-Pain Absorption: Pain can be ignored far greater than normal human limits. (If he chooses to, if not he can feel the corner of the leg of a table when he stubs against it.)
-Slight Regeneration: Regeneration of skin is possible. Regeneration of slight cuts, bruises is possible, albeit taking an hour or more to recover. Regeneration of LIMBS and ORGANS are NOT POSSIBLE.

No more characters from me for a whole lot of time.


Character Info

Name/Aliases : Jobold Jolcano (Nickname: JoJo)
Age : 34
Gender : Male
Appearance : Looks like Danny DeVito, you might even be tricked into thinking he is Danny DeVito.
Wears an incredibly dirty bright purple rag and does not wear pants. ever

(image of Danny DeVito for reference)
Personality : Stupid, rude and annoying. He will nag for hours if he needs to
Motivations : Not motivated at all, he just does shit for the fun of it.
Other : His favorite foods include anything Italian, he has a star mark on his left shoulder.
Unknowing to him, he was a JoJo that was pitched to Araki but rejected.

Legend Info

Legend : Bunny Man
Powers Bestowed :
Is He There : Whenever near bridges. He has the ability to turn invisible for up to 30 seconds.
Magical Axe : His axe is his main weapon. He is able to throw the axe and it will return to him. Axes are ineffective against him as a result of this. The only downside is that he can not use any other weapons without getting harmed.

These abilities will only work when he is wearing his rabbit costume


Character Info

Name/Aliases : Francis Ward/Real Francis/Real
Age : 21
Gender : Male
Appearance :

Personality :
Hot blooded. One word would suffice to describe Francis. An ambitious young man who aims to be the best, and adamant enough to pursue it.

Some may say that he is just someone with confidence, but they are wrong. Francis is one arrogant prick who wants to be in the spotlight.

Motivations :
He is always eager for power. To be recognised by others, and not to be sidelined.

Francis' Words

“Yeah, yeah. No one is perfect in this world. No one can claim to be. Is it wrong to look for it? Gods are the closest beings to perfection, but even they are not perfect. Only with power can one become better. Heck, maybe humans are better off suppressed for a while. It will stop us fighting around… I hope. Even if the fighting doesn’t stop, once my Legend grows stronger, who can beat me?”

Other :
Francis has an older brother named Edmund who use his name all the time, which irritates him. The fact that his friends resort to calling him Real as Edmund insist on using Francis as his name doesn’t help.

Legend Info

Legend : Apollo
Powers Bestowed : Near Perfection
-Near Perfect Accuracy: Francis’ accuracy with ranged weapons is deadly, but especially with arrows and bow.
-Near Perfect Agility Body: Francis’ reflex and agility are very high.
-Near Perfect Mind: Francis’ mind processes thoughts at incredible speed and has resistance toward attempt to affect it.
-Near Perfect Voice: Francis is able to project his voice like a ventriloquist and to adjusts its loudness.


Character Info

Name/Aliases: Daniel Khun, Tempest
Age: Unknown(Young)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Daniel is a short boy with light blue hair and blue eyes, with a mole shaped like a diamond under his right eye that appears when he’s enhanced(it fades away after a while, depending on the amount of power used). He almost always wears a dark blue T-shirt over a black long sleeve shirt with black pants. His age is unknown; however, he does appear quite young. His hair spikes up when he enhances his body with electricity or uses electric attacks.

Normal state


Enhanced state


Personality: He is notably very arrogant, mostly due to his immense power and natural skill compared to other Legacies, often making him overconfident. Nevertheless, he is quite intelligent and can quickly notice and exploit his opponents’ weaknesses. He is also annoyed by nearly everyone, although he can respect power. He truly despises those who do evil in this world and beats them up at every possible opportunity.
Motivations: Power. He wants to become the most powerful Legacy in the world. No one minds him beating up evildoers to become stronger so he does it whenever he can.
Other: A mysterious character, with much of his history unknown. Rumors swirl about, spreading all sorts of rumors about where he is descended from or who he is. Some say he is the most talented Legacy out there, while others even dare say that he is descended from a Legend. Daniel also has a sister named Elizabeth that he loves dearly, although they often compete against each other to see who’s better.

Legend Info

Legend: Jupiter
Powers Bestowed: Son of the Storm
Blue Lightning: He can use lightning to enhance his blows or charge it up for a powerful lightning blast.
Lightning Spear: He can form lightning into a spear he can throw. He can have it pierce through enemies, explode on contact, or arch it to nearby enemies. He has many lightning spear techniques that he likes to employ in battle, some which are more tiring and powerful than others. This technique is tiring if used excessively but is extremely difficult to dodge.
Accelerated Mind: His reaction time, speed, and perception are greatly increased. His endurance is increased. The electric field he generates and his increased thought process also help him negate effects on his mind, magical or otherwise.
Eye of the Storm: He can concentrate all of his electrical energy within himself to boost his speed and strength immensely for a few minutes, but he is unable to move afterward.
Storm Clouds: He can summon electrical storm clouds impairing his opponent’s vision and boosting his attacks. He cannot create massive storms with this(yet).


Cheesy’s Really Boring and Post Thread of Characters

President Rogers

Character Info

Name/Aliases: President Rogers / Steven Maximillian Rogers
Age: 65
Gender: Male
Personality: His voice proceeds his personality, being very loud. Full of heart and typically jovial.
Motivations: To keep order within the ever changing nation.
Other: Not the best fighter in the world, and doesn’t know how to use his Excalibur effectively.

Legend Info

Legend: King Arthur
Powers Bestowed: Way of the Light
Super Strength: Has strength far beyond a regular human being.
Shield of Light: Is extremely resistant to magic. Not physical attacks.
Excalibur: Can summon Excalibur into his hand, which can blind enemies.

Samuel Rogers

Character Info

Name/Aliases: Samuel Nathan Rogers
Age: 30
Gender: Male

(He’s a ginger gasp)
Personality: Cold and cruel. But can be driven to anger quickly when provoked.
Motivations: To make sure that the threat of legends is squashed.
Other: Wields a staff. Likes pink bunny slippers , and wears them often. He tends to run away from guards to do his own business frequently. His hatred for his father disconnects the both greatly.

Legend Info

Legend: None. And hates all of them.
Powers Bestowed: Why cheat for strength.

Elizabeth Khun

Character Information

Name/Aliases: Elizabeth Khun, Storm
Age: ??? (Young)
Gender: Female
Appearance: image
Personality: In contrast to her sibling, Elizabeth is quite humble, and tends to give words of encouragement whether she wins or loses. She is also very bubbly and eccentric , and quick to give a helping hand. To her brother’s annoyance, she is slightly slow to comprehend things, unless it’s in battle.
Motivations: To get out of her brother’s shadow and become stronger than him.
Other: Despite her happy nature, when asked about her past, becomes silent. Rumours have spread that she is not of this world, and she is the representation of Greek Culture to her brother’s Roman Culture. Likes to be called “Liz” and calls her brother “Dan”.

Legend Info

Legend:: Zeus
Powers Bestowed: Daughter of Thunder
White Lightning: She can summon electric out of left hand to use it as a long range projectile, which stuns enemies on contact, or save multiple and fire them all at once as a beam.
Circuit Hand: Elizabeth can use her right hand to create static electricity in the air. If one was to touch it, they would be electrocuted. She may also create a circuit, which when complete automatically discharges and electrocutes anyone in the area.
Lightning’s Bolt: She can summon lightning bolts from the sky, no matter the weather. Using this too often will tire Liz.


Name/Aliases: Hugh Michells
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: image
Personality: Kinda lazy but wacky, but behind all that he is quite clever.
Motivations: When he was younger he wanted to find wisdom, and on his quest Odin spoke to him from the heavens. He was so amazed he became the most devout worshipper of Odin.
Other: When he was a child, his parents died, and he was raised in an orphanage. He is actually gay.

Legend Info
Legend: Odin
Powers Bestowed: Spear of Gungnir
Spear of Gungnir: He can literally summon spears from anywhere (look at from 10:46 to 11:12).


Character Info
Name/Aliases: Rob Harbinger
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: Messy, long brown hair. Green eyes. Quite thin. Wears a ludicrously long cape which trails behind him as he runs
Personality: Despite his animalistic instincts, he is very cunning. Jokes a lot
Motivations: To own the best courier company
Other: Normally referred to as ‘Harbinger’

Legend Info
Legend: Ratatoskr
Powers Bestowed: Messenger of the World
Squirrel Form - When this man uses a power, his physique becomes similar to a human sized squirrel.
Super speed - can run at mach 1
Super react - can react and think quickly and can sense incoming attacks, although rarely skilled enough to counter them