Latin Themed Forum Mafia Project


Each year in Latin class we have two main projects. One is a speech you have to memorize and recite in front of the class which is in the first semester. The second project is in the second semester where you have to make something Latin themed. There’s guide lines there and making a Forum game is obviously not one of the projects on there. However, I think I can be persuasive enough where I can get the Latin Teachwr to accept a forum mafia game as a project.


The setup will be role madness with events.

What I need

I need a co host who is willing to help me make a Latin Themed game. I also need to know how many people would be willing to join this game in like 5-6-7-8 months (somewhere around there I forgot which exact date) but I’ll find out eventually.

If you want to be a co host just reply below.

  • I would be willing to join the forum mafia game in the future
  • I wouldn’t be willing to join the forum mafia game

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Looking forward to it


looks really cool, definitely will join if I have time


so is ur plan to get ur fellow students in on this FK or just us and u host it and show it off to ur class

All those votes on yes really want to make me vote no.


you are playing in it

More than half the class wouldn’t know what to do lmao

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Host it as an invitational on MU?

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That’s probably the best option.

I’ll cohost now when you need me.