Last Poster Before Threadlock gets a cookie (cookie thread v2)



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so what were you doing outside

Okay someone get this man a hammock

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you can’t outlast me kat
my best is 72 hours

what do you think about the oppression of gamers in modern day society?

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donate don’t hate to my only fans account



i made a new thread


Had to run to a store and buy some food because I have nothing to eat.
Also had to run to a pharmacy for reasons.

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what’s your best
you will never stay up longer than me

im pretty sure ive gotten pretty fucking close to 72 hours

with enough REDACTED i could probably beat 72

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does being up at 10:30am with no sleep count as a long time

Also N.1 I forgot to say this until now but your old profile picture reminded me of this glorious shot for some reason:


if you make it past 72 i’m going to get a container of redbulls to spite you

i don’t have the will to do it today

or any time soon

or probably ever

unless i get paid


if you hit 72 i’ll go for 96 i swear

i need money to do it

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