Last Poster Before Threadlock gets a cookie (cookie thread v2)

Eh, you’re fine as a host.

I love closed setups.

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how did insurgency compare to other closed setups for you?

I enjoyed it, tbh.

Setup felt fairly balanced despite the ITA craziness.

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Sulit has a minecraft server?


It’s more FoL Minecraft server doh

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@geyde so guess what
i logged in at 18:00 expecting the quest and the new adventure to be open
lo and behold the adventure is open but not the quest
“eh what the hell” and I play the adventure anyway
beat chapter 1
quest comes online
now it won’t fucking recognise that i’ve completed it

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I see. How many players does it have?


Uhh quite a lot

At least 15 different people have logged on and there’s usually at least 1 person online

Can I see the server?

Uhh what do you mean?

Like get on? Sure

Sorry if its out of nowhere xP

Nah it’s all good lmao

The IP is

What version?


did you put your entire scum team in a town core

if not then you aren’t a true gamer

pirate ship TM

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Is this actually real lmao.

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