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Last Cult did not become Cult Leader


What happened?

Cult Leader died night 1 and last Cult member did not become the new Cult Leader.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

When Cult Leader dies a cult member should become the new Cult Leader.

Steps to reproduce:

Well I cannot tell you that since I do not know how it happened, but the steps leading to this event from cult perspective were as follows:

  1. Cult Leader tried to convert night 1, as usual, the unknown Sorcerer at the time.
  2. Sorcerer killed Cult Leader on the same night (N1).
  3. I, the Ritualist, did nothing N1.
  4. I, the Ritualist, received the message that I became the Cult Leader.
  5. Following day, I notice that I am still the Ritualist and decided to find out how my CL died (day ability).
  6. Learned that Sorc killed CL and tried to use a night ability, but was unable and did not receive feedback from any night abilities for the rest of my short life.


Here you go. Oh, the Ritualist was not occupied or anything of the like.



Oof, sorry about that blur.


Can you attach your logs?

[Find Your Logs to Report Bugs]
%userprofile%\appdata\LocalLow\Imperium42 Game Studio\Throne of Lies\output_log.txt


~/.config/unity3d/Imperium42 Game Studio/Throne of Lies/Player.log


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I tried. Just made the account to post this since there was consensus to report.


@Marluxion hey marl use your modly powers


Try again now


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It is actually just 1.55 MB.


It is in the post now.