KyoDaz's Forum Game Spreadsheet

A place for tracking data across my forum games I’ve hosted.
Feel free to suggest what other data should be added!


You may want to put separate win rates for each faction

Overall or for seperate players?

Separate players XD

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I swear how did I miss this message from 5 days ago

Imagine putting win rates for scum teams
Luxy/Shurian scum team - 0% winrate cuz not yet

Yep. That’s the whole point XD Btw no no no don’t put the scum team thingy in here




That’s waaayyy to specific.

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Someone tell me how I’ve managed to calculate Mercenary’s winrate as 1 loss 0 wins 0 other with a 50% winrate

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(think) I fixed the spreadsheet

I’ve had to wipe data because of a new system in the spreadsheet.
If you want data prior to Sandbox III just post here your mafia wins, mafia loses, neutral wins, neutral loses, town wins, town loses