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Knight/Possessor Bug


What happened? I killed myself because my character completed 2 full night actions.

What was SUPPOSED to happen? One character completes one action.

Steps to reproduce: Have a knight guard the a target, and have a possessor force the knight to attack the target… he kills himself.

Comments: knights guard is a full night action, it protects through the whole night, how can a knight guard for the whole night and then attempt to kill the king while hes guarding and have his guarding self kill is attacking self…


That seems correct


You killing your target is the possessors interaction. Which you then interrupt with your own action by killing yourself thus saving your target from the possessor. (I mean what outcome were you expecting? If the King just died then you clearly didn’t complete your action. If no one died then the Possessor clearly didn’t complete HIS action. And finally if the Possessor died then you just completed an action unrelated to what Defend is)


Eh don’t think about it law wise

It’s not a bug.


yup, possesor does not interfere with anyone’s normal night actions. Hence when it doesn’t make you kill yourself, you still investigate, occupy or whatever you wanted to do without even having a clue that you also murdered someone. Pretty much the only way to outright know you were possesed, would be if an observer see’s you visit, or the possesor visit you, or if the attack gets you killed by hitting a knight or hunter. But that is all working as intended.