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Knight Defend vs Reaper



I asked in-game earlier what happened if a Knight guarded a target that reaper attack.

The answer was that Reaper loses a soul - however the Defend skill clearly says that the attack will be unhealable, which means the Reaper can’t use a soul to heal it.

Is there a bug here? Or should defend skill be healable?


When reaper dies, they are not healed from death.

It’s similar to being resurrected.


reaper dies and revives himself with a soul


Reaper class card is wrong


Well, there is something wrong, because if you take the two cards and look at it, it doesn’t make sense.


It should just say “If you would die at night then consume a soul to remain alive”


“consume a soul to resurrect yourself” sounds a bit better?


I agree, that’s worth a patch