Kitsune! Failed concepts

Following classes failed… Guh

Trickery… Lets not talk about that…

and… Failed

mmmmm failed

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Input these into Grande Idea.

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Noted. BUT. Big ass but.

Trickery is rng alike. Not good.

Hunting Hunter? Cough. Inq.

Pants on fire. Was a beta idea. Can see it being used.

Overall I can’t balance this shit

Gimme a minute to analyze this

Ohhh boy. Long ass sentence time?

Troublemaker - As good as you may think this is , it is confirmable and guaranteed to carry out their night abilities.
Alarmed - Hold on , Unkillable? Bad. Remove the “attacking your visitors” part to make it atleast balanced. If you want it to be even more balanced , just give it 1 time death immunity.
Cancelling Magic - I actually like this idea but it just feels slow , I guess? You should also reword this ability.
Enlighten - No. Just no. MAYBE if Possessor’s day abilities get changed , this would actually see play. And what makes it worse is the recharging part. Assuming all games last more than 6 days , that’s 4 votes you’re preventing.
Trickery - Good and bad at the same time. It’s good because you can actually provide support to your neutral brothers but it’s bad because it’s a gamble and it’s confirmable. Oh your class changed? Then X is Kitsune. Also you forgot to mention any unconvertable Unseen members.
Disguise - Frame and Defile… Sounds ok , I suppose? This would be your most powerful ability in the whole kit but it can just confirm you as a Scorned and get you executed.

Overall - OK class.

  • It has a lot of potential to fullfill its WC.
  • Provides a lot support to all factions.
  • Chaotic Neutral.


  • Confirmable.
  • Kingmaker (for the most part).
  • With the Alarmed passive it is almost guaranteed to win.
  • Too much Day Ability Denial and Voting Manipulation.

Troublemaker - Look above.
Alarmed - This gives the class too much power. It would be best if it was removed.
Cancelling Magic - Now this is good. If you combine this with “Enlighten” and make it 1 use or maybe 2 (not too sure) , it would be a good ability. Instead of disabling their day ability , make it backfire. If you go with the “Ability backfiring tomorrow instead of today if ability wasn’t used” route then makes it 1 Use. If you just go with the “Ability backfiring if ability was used” route , make it 2 uses.
Enlighten - Too much day ability denial. Combine it with Cancelling Magic and it’s a good ability.
Trickery - Confirmable with the Occupy. The Rest seems good.
Vengeance - Reword it to this “Kill a player if they are a Killer Class.(3 Uses)”. Maybe make the ability 2 Uses since it’s still OP.

Overall - Good class. Good Idea but Bad Execution.

  • Its own WC doesn’t guarantee that it will help any other faction.
  • Important role as target. Evils will want to keep you alive.
  • Good Day Abilities. (If you merge them)


  • Hard to claim another class.
  • Low staying power.
  • Hard WC without a healer/Death Immunity.

Troublemaker - Look above.
Alarmed - Look above.
Pants On Fire - Look above.
Trickery - Remove the Occupation part.
Vengeance - Good.

Overall - Great class.

  • Its own WC doesn’t guarantee that it will help any other faction.
  • Important role as target. Evils will want to keep you alive.
  • You can only know your target.
  • Chaotic if found early by an Investigative class.


  • Low Staying Power.
  • Hard to claim another class.
  • Hard WC without a healer/Death Immunity.
  • Limiting your night abilities feedback is limiting your claim space.
  • Investigative class with almost little to zero feedback from abilities. This can force you to claim unconfirmable classes.

it is done

Basically Unseen has the same act as BD classes. Except classes that are unable to do anything. Cause the other members in the type is unique.

Chaos making class. That’s why it’ll be fun.

OF COURSE. ILL HAVE THAT IN HERE. He knows what the hunter can do.

Fused in V2.

What would yours look like, just make a class card or smthin like that

It is GI. There is a prince that wins with NK and a fool that can jail and execute people.