King Talking During Trial

To make the King more Social I propose that during Trial (the first 30 seconds), the King and The Accused are the only two people who can talk. The reason for this is that you may want to ask questions, grill, scumread, bait and do more than just ask for logs and you can use it as a time to buy an open conversation where no one else can interrupt. It would also make the King more accountable by being able to answer the WHY they were voted up, and organize the next steps during the voting process.

It would add some depth to the King, making them more of an arbiter and judge, being able to lead the trial in a direction before people start talking (which would be great for Evil and Good Kings in different ways). While it may also indirectly buff the Distraction ability of the Assassin, which I feel is underpowered, it adds some more interesting interactions into the game and more design space to build on in future patches/content.

I feel that ultimately it would add a lot more to the King’s Role in the game.
What do you all think?


This is an excellent suggestion and does really bring out the Social part of the King better than any ability could


I really really like this honestly, this is exactly the sort of role King should be fulfilling.


A small change that can help you read the King so much better.

We need this.


This is really a good suggestion.It would make king more unique and even king would be more useful than just only doing king meta.


This is probably the best King suggestion these forums have ever seen.


With the advent of Pretender being announced, now would be a great time to bump this and put pressure on the King.

Also thanks for all the hearts <3


Holy Moly, you hitted Heart Jackpot!

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Is that a high score!?

I bet at least one of the highest.

It’s in the top 5!

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Still disappointed you didn’t roll Furio

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I’m curious, do you think 20 Seconds of Trial is enough for this to even be a viable change or if this were to happen would you like to see the initial Trial time be upped to 30 seconds?

  • 20 Seconds of King-Accused Trial.
  • 30 Seconds of King-Accused Trial.

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Buff distract before you buff the timer imo as that’s the only thing distract is useful for.

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Fair point to mention. I think Distract is a whole other topic really but that’s good to keep in mind.
Let’s assume for ease of argument Distract isn’t involved, just to keep variables down.

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I’d say one thing at a time

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If your profile picture is from anime, your opinion doesn’t count. oh… wait…

@Marluxion see above

It’s been done.

So it begins…
Thanks for all the support, let’s see how this plays out!