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King Rework (Secluded King)


Also CW is not the one who’s job it is to protect Prince. He’s pretty shit at it compared to other classes


you said if they outed d1 how often would they survive not not just about surviving night 1


So why don’t princes out n1?


Cause NK counters them


Because NK can reliably kill the Prince


Because people are selfish and usually don’t want to die by any odds Night 1?


Mindmeld? Confirmed scum with me?


Private matters actually. We coordinated this


yeah that’s what this whole discussion was about Twil1ight said the Secluded could just out themselves night 1 they could survive, and I was saying they couldn’t


well they’d survive N1. And then as King their odds go way up.


Also why is he support?


because his whole premise is about whispering getting logs and getting bd to believe he is king so he can use his leads efficiently, he basically is aiding blue dragon.


He’s always in game in other words always confirmed… sorry but no.


And trust me. WKM doesn’t suddenly work after D3. MM’s don’t use little bird when no one is whispering. So if you don’t whisper for 2 days then MM won’t use little bird for 2 days and thus he will never run out. Even when he does it never is a safe assumption so you can never be sure you are safe until after it’s too late


Great strat whisper nonsense