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King Rework (Secluded King)


The Secluded King

Blue Dragon Support
Assert the Crown (Day) - Become the King, not usable until day 3 - 1 use

The King

Blue Dragon Special
Aristocratic Business (Passive) - Unable to be Whispered to or linked
Tenacity (Passive) - immune to redirection and occupation
Royal Finger (Day) - Your next nomination vote will count twice - Infinite uses
Decide Fate (Day) - Instantly execute or pardon a player an accused player - 1 use
Execute (Night) - Kill a player bypasses death immunity - 2 use
Defeat the Unseen/cult and any neutrals that seek to do harm.

This makes king more of a risk reward type of character, revealing too early means king won’t get any leads, and revealing too late, since king can’t guard himself, will mean he will get killed by evils. It adds a bit of depth with king maybe needing to fake claim in order to preserve his identity. In my opinion “Little Bird” is not a fix to the meta, but a bandage, and it seems although the whispering meta has clearly been weakened greatly, it has not been dealt with in a suitable manner, as it seems whispering comes back in the game after about day 3.

King doesn’t spawn in day 1


I’m assuming the King isn’t known from the start or what?


nah no starter king secluded king’s replace him, so no evils as well




The main point of Little bird was to prevent the bd from whispering to basically prevent the whispering meta, but all it does is delay bd for 2 days, and then they continue to whisper again.


starts whispering to everyone until you can’t whisper someone

There’s a slight problem tbh


they need to reveal themselves as king first



this is a neutral who turns into a BD?


You’re aware of the best strategy would out yourself Day 1 and ask for Cort Wizard, right? And the problem is going to be now confirmed BD along with Prince…




It doesn’t solve the issue AT ALL.


But what if they are no court wizards what if there is a sellsword, sorcerer could just single bomb them and get away with it.


I think this was thought out

I just don’t think you actually thought of a neutral turning into a BD


Relying on Gambler’s Fallacy…

Adding another semi-confirmable BD is dumb as shit in current state.


Why do you think Prince doesn’t out themselves then n1? If it works for Secluded then surely it would work for Prince?


True the main reason was to add suspicion idk why but in hindsight it seems stupid will change that


Tell me, if Prince would always out themselves Day 1, how often he will statistically survive?


Quite low once court wizard dies or someone is needed to be healed from bleeding, or they have a sell sword or they have a sorc or they have a ritualist who has a higher number, or court wizard run out of swaps. besides even for the secluded king scorned or fool might claim secluded just to cause chaos, as scorned could just disguise them


We don’t need a fucking mayor. And Since little bird is a day ability you can’t just wait it out


On Night 1? Let me press X to doubt.