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King Rework [orangeandblack5 Edition]


Idk or care if it’s self target only or not. But yeah just guards with no bells and whistles. They’ve been fine like that for awhile and that’s not changing now.




I think this has a higher chance of being considered if we consolidate so I’ll adopt your night abilities I think


ye. Your day abilities and passives are fine. I just don’t find them priority fixes


Fair but they’d still be fun plus the HoS change just makes sense

The King should have more power to vote lol


I reworded it a bit, to keep the ability to put it all on one card, but the effect is the same.


Not quite. The way it’s worded you can target self with it as GK AND it doesn’t have the tailor effect on EK


See that’s a mistake because it’s late


Assist (Night) - Send guards to protect your target from attack, making them immune to death, occupation, and redirection tonight. If you are the starting Good King , this also protects your target against conversion. If you are the starting Evil/Cult King , It makes your target appear Blue Dragon, you have an extra use and you can target self. (3 uses)


Already did that lol


TBH I wouldn’t do the whole single class card thing. Both night ability’s are different from both Kings.


it’s too late to make like six different cards now

maybe later


So confirmable non-neutral King?
Get a new King, ask him to Finger. Did you want that?


2 months later enough for you?


This also instantly outs the Possessor if he jumps King.


That’s bad how exactly?


Honestly not concerned about NKing’s ability to put their life on the line for their faction being taken away because… duh?


you really shouldn’t be jumping king as poss


Just because you shouldn’t doesn’t mean you can’t.


Like when is it ever beneficial for NKing to risk themselves so much during the day?