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King Rework [orangeandblack5 Edition]


@orangeandblack5 Instead of Loyalty protecting from all negative effects, what if it protected from scum specific negative effects? Such as Mind Warp, Frame, conversion, and whatever other effects I’m forgetting. While this does downplay the ability a little, but also completely removes any chance of confirm ability from the King.

Heck, if possible, it could protect from occupy attempts from Invoker/Servant/Alcoholic but be ineffective against Butler/Drunk. This way no coordination can be used to just figure out the King.

If we do this, we can give Evil King “Allies” so that he can find evils and coordinate with them.


I like that, I guess.

  • Reformatted the whole card
  • Removed day ability Royal Decree (prevent target from being voted)
  • Added day ability Royal Finger (only you or your target may be voted)
  • Hide is now a day ability in lieu of Royal Finger
  • Brought some abilities in line with current live game, including starting King exclusive abilities
  • Order Execution now replaces Guards! (even though it really doesn’t have to be that way imo)


@Shrimpy how does this look

Thanks for reminding me about Gladiator btw


I like it. This should be the final form of the king for ToL.

I also like the idea from FoL where new kings retain their old abilities. Imagine MM getting king and converting people to the unseen! It would add a whole new layer of deduction. Of course this will never happen as i42 wants to keep 2 day abilities and 2 night abilities max.


That’s only Blender, not FoL - sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Double Rip


SFoLs typically get additional mechanics or classes added to them. The old abilities one was one of Blender’s unique mechanics.


It’s one of my favourite features of blender then. Count me in for any blender games.


I like it! I just disagree with the ability of king to make players immune to conversion.


I personally just want 2 votes to be a passive instead of an ability


It will confirm the good king if they use decide fate.

(A.K.A I am confused over there)


I am not completely against it but would certainly like to replace Swear Fealty.

Any ideas? Or should I bring my old Loyalty night ability back with some tweaks to fix it?


Oh hey I didn’t notice you removed Loyalty. I mean, there’s got to be something to discourage hanging the starting king D2.

I don’t know what to replace Swear Fealty with. I had this idea of granting or deleting a player’s royal blood, but that only affects the game after King dies so he would still need something to do at night. Maybe King could prolong the next day to have more time for discussion?

What about Dub (Night) - Turn a Blue Dragon player into a Knight (if they want)?

Probably only makes sense lore-wise and not balance-wise though :stuck_out_tongue:

Another possibility to consider is letting only starting king have the Gladiator Finger and Double-Accuse passive, and make new kings have Royal Finger without double-accuse passive. This way, the faction of new kings would be less swingy. I think.


I mean if it asks them if they want to, then GK’s basically confirmable which will be bad for EK


Well I meant both GK and EK would be able to offer a BD player the option to turn into a Knight. Maybe if the target is not a Knight, they could turn into some other unique evil class, like Acolyte if they’re Cult or something else if they’re Unseen.


I removed my version of Loyalty - a night action that was basically a CW Magic Barrier that was placed like a Scout but only worked once per time it was set.

I hate the live game’s Loyalty, it’s a poor man’s Fool.


Oh, I hadn’t seen your post before you edited your loyalty out. I don’t know what would be better than the “Fool” loyalty we have now. I think it’s good. Some people suggested disabling all royal blood as punishment but I fear that would promote a meta of hang starting king D2 just to elect a confirmed person without the royal blood requirement.


Yeah I wonder where that idea came from :man_facepalming:


lmao was it you? I think it’s a good idea in theory, but in practice would backfire

like say there’s someone confirmed who’s not a royal claim, they would hang king just to elect him