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King Rework [orangeandblack5 Edition]


Who only voted up it so they can put someone up


Wouldn’t Loyalty make the GK confirmable?


I presume it acts like Magic Barrier in that it notifies only the King that an action was blocked.


But they could have a Butler occupy someone and tell the King to target them. Even if the occupy immunity message got removed, the other person would still know they weren’t occupied.


I mean you have a point, but we’ve had that ability in Forum of Lies for ages and I still killed Marl incorrectly


Well you know how the majority of people playing normal ToL are, they like their metas.


It’s a pretty easy fix tbh, just make Scheme have the ‘negatie effect blocker’ effect as well.


Yeah, that’d be the solution. I just wanted to make sure orange was aware.

I have wanted to make the starting Kings have different abilities, so I’ll probably eventually add something similar to this.

People really liked being able to find Allies as EK, so could maybe work something like that in for EK only.


Could it be a day ability that find allies as evil king?


Royal Decree could be removed for that in favor of an extra guard, considering that in this rework King has a doublevote until they decide fate. It’s a pretty niche ability imo and doesn’t really have a lot of applications in the current ToL meta. Plus, making someone voteproof is kinda stupid tbh

That’d free up a slot for the evil king find allies.


Omg why?


if you know me you know I make a ton of mistakes every 5 seconds.

Also I wrote that in 1 min shush


Forgot this


Niche is also spelt correctly in it so nya


I thought that was spanish or something that’s how confused i was.


Try Latin



Yay he fixed it.


I’d be ok with EK getting ally/not ally in some capacity


I’d literally just drop it without the addition of a guard if I were to replace it tbh


Situationally, yes, and that can be fixed :+1:

I appreciate you pointing that out, I’d forgotten lol

Anyways I may revise these again soon with all of this in mind. If you guys have anything else I should add/change/fix let me know.