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King Rework [orangeandblack5 Edition]


And then a Noble steps up and someone whispers someone else to prove they’re Noble (or possessor). Or a Drunk steps up and has their debs confirmed.

RB just prevents us from having to do that song and dance.


Okay this is starting to get really off topic


Just a few critiques.

I’m not a huge fan of making point the finger a passive. This gives a slight power swing to late game king to be able to combo double vote into decide fate. It might not be super awful since it really only affects the 2v2 or 3v3 scenario.

I’m also not sure if I like the convoy idea. I do enjoy you said it’s used up, but I feel it doesn’t help king really since he can’t really figure out evil members. This still relies on the whisper meta. This again isn’t awful, but this king sounds somewhat boring to play.

Edit: I do want to say overall I like this as it reduces the swing based gameplay we have from current king. I also like the idea of fruition specific abilities that function similarly to each other, enough that they aren’t 100% provable.


And then the Possessor or starting Invoker ends up as your new king. Or maybe even the Seeker


As far as I’m concerned, the King should be good in this scenario, especially if they have correctly identified their allies. Plus, the endgame king will rarely be the starting King, so it’s usually going to be up to the players to decide who has this power.

Loyalty/Scheme are there simply to give the starting King a purpose in the early game. Giving the King the ability to find evils is a bad idea (see Allies), so I think this is a much better alternative.

Also, you’ll be pushing more buttons than current King, and you have to think more about when to change your target for Loyalty/Scheme. That’s definitely more engaging than “wait for confirmed scum/Prince and execute”.


That’s actually really nice reasoning. Personally I’m a fan of allies (albeit a nerfed version) but with your explanation, I do enjoy your ideas.


@Icibalus how about this one


This seems cool. Don’t have anything productive to say, you know I like the passive Head Of State so…


As long as you aren’t against it I’m ok


One problem: The Good Kings power protects from occupation, which could lead to situations like FoL 12 were we almost decided to confirm Moleland as good king.


That’s probably mostly fixable if occupy immunity isn’t shown


This could be deleted and replaced with the Envoy/Hide if absolutely necessary, but the Envoys combined with Guards! just turn King into an OP Leader/Court Wizard combo. BAD.

All these could be turned into day abilities, replacing Royal Decree. However, they are unnecessary.

Secondary Ability for Starting King should be Order Execution as it is. That has no problem.
Order Execution allows for Evil King to kill Prince without putting him up, and other purposes.

Revert the changes.

But please take a look at this: New Royal Bloods, and some changes to Kings in general

Guards! for a Psycho King should be replaced with Fatal Guards.
Guards! for an EK who is the last of his faction should be replaced with Fatal Guards (or he just dies)
The empty hole for a second night ability given to a Reaper-Psycho King should be Reap, just because the Reaper will die few days after becoming King (on account of "fido wasn’t reaped before he died, Psycho King exe now)

And other things, they can all be solved with that and I believe you should use it to influence your post. It was worked on by @NuclearBurrito and myself, with a bit of influence from you.

Combine that post with your original King rework and you’re Golden.


Psycho King should be immune to poison/bleeding (possibly excluding Butler poison), it’s a massive weakness no other NK has




Should also be butle
It’s a
NK for a reason


I agree, I mean it couldn’t hurt. if the NK just doesn’t die, they’d just exe him him if he hasn’t already won by then.


Anything that delays it is good


Just an idea, since some people might find Royal Blood negation too weak.

What if a Good King lynch just prevented all future Kings, like the Neutral King’s in FoL?






You shouldn’t punish scum for voting up the king