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King Rework [orangeandblack5 Edition]


I like it for the most part, though I think EK will still be swingy. Loss of royal blood isn’t too big of a deal I think and might be a good trade depending on starting King probabilities

Can loyalty be used on yourself?


No, it cannot.


Loss of RB negates the primary reason to kill the king as suddenly it isn’t guaranteed that the next person to be king was ever royal and thus isn’t starting evil.


Which is why

You claim hunter
No matter what
It’s your best shot


And then get shot by the real hunter’s arrow.


Better than dying to a prince

You atleast kill someone


No? Either way you end up dead.


But you bring the hunter down with you


So? You lose even if you do. Plus if you are the last evil or if he’s accusing you then not even.


i have never won as a NK

Unless I claimed hunter

Or a possesor who got lucky


I have won will all sorts of claims as NK. Like CW or Inquis.


I will try what you did

I claim inquistor as sorc
Beat that!


Claiming it as Reaper or Possessor. Done.


What about claiming it as …the inquistor


I once won as MM with a butler claim


What was your log like

1.Serve wine 2-Success
2.Serve wine 2-Success
3.Serve wine 2-Success
4.Serve wine 2-Success

And they were not smart enough to think about 3 =occupy immune

  1. Serve wine 3-prevented


Ew that never works.


N1-Occupy [My convert target]
N2-Occupy My Assassin
N3-Party-no visitors
N4-Occupy [my new convert target]


You mean your convert target died


ye, my convert target was lynched D3 so