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King Rework [orangeandblack5 Edition]


Royal Summons should not be a thing. That basically makes the King a Prince. We already have too many with Psychic.

It’s pretty much the only thing here I’m not okay with.


Replace it with one Order Execution? :wink:


I’d be on board with that.


Although then you’d have 3 night abilities so maybe make Royal Court a day ability like Private Matters.


And make it toggle-able. And just for question, you don’t like the Baron having Entitlement?




oh sorry, not you, I was replying to Night


This seems like a weird place to ask a nonsensical question like that…?


I just feel King doesn’t need extra powers if they step up. The current King powers are good.


This isn’t for King though, it’s just Baron, and to me it feels like Baron does match the theme of a support class well by being able to recharge people’s limited abilities if they use them that night, giving people Royal Blood, and not losing those abilities if he steps up as King.


Sorry @orangeandblack5 for stealing your thread :stuck_out_tongue:

One problem is that keeping Kinship gives King 3 day abilities.

One thing I think is that if one class keeps their abilities, they all should, and then it becomes a status, not a class. Why arbitrarily let Baron keep his abilities?


That’s why I’ve been pushing for including Royal Finger as part of the Tenacity passive. I’ve been saying that constantly too, and it would be more flexible for King. Then there would be two day and night abilities for the ascended Baron. And this would mean starting king can get another special ability


I do like Royal Finger as a passive. Makes it easier to use Decide Fate.


And then we give Starting King an ability like Private Matters or something else to influence court.


Royal Court should be replaced by Order Execution.

Royal Summons shouldn’t prevent Night Abilities (think of the potential damage an Unseen could do if he had the King bring him over, then say “hey kill this guy”)

(think of the damage a Scorned could do if she could win by getting the King or Prince to execute someone too?)

Potential is limitless. [In any case, the King could figure things out with another whole day to think]

((Orange, you forget. What happens if the possessor jumps into the King?))

(((Also, should write down this "All poisonings just read ‘You were poisoned!’ instead of the amount of days or by who it was. "

Will help Servant out. (Like the rest of that down there)
Fixing the Servant


Possessor insta looses for being dumb.


Does he loose the dogs of war and become a psycho king as a last resort?

(a guy can dream)


No. Everyone immediately notices that his finger fell off and kills him with fire.


The problem with jumping to the King is your lack of powers. It’s suicide in most cases. It should bypass Immunity, to allow Possessor to jump to the King late game.

The only way to solve the problem is letting Possessor get Royal Finger, but faking King is OP.



Give more feedback please!