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King Rework [orangeandblack5 Edition]


Basically if it gets used like it was back during Safeguard times then it would literally just be Safeguard with feedback and 1 less uses. Since Prince is already occupy and conversion immune.


Because it’s literally the most unfun thing in the entire game to hit a convert immune, we have a class that does that already I really do not want another.

I do not like guards that work on other people because it transforms King into a prince-protector with next to no choice to do anything else.


Protect Prince = no conversion immunity being granted

It’s a tradeoff that makes the class strong and prevents it from being forced into either niche


Also no occ immunity granted


And literally the most unfun thing is to specifically hit a Paladin smite as a lone CL N3


or for someone to kill you as scum using faulty logic


or dying to an assassin :slight_smile:


Dying to an assassin is less frustrating


Unless it’s the night you surveillance the 2nd Mastermind


Bump, and does anything here need to be changed to comply with the recent streamlining updates?


Had a minute so I did a big formatting update, you’re welcome whoever was asking for me to do all nine cards :stuck_out_tongue:


nah gimme 3


Dude why not just make another thread?

So that we can see it in all its glory as a new fleshed topic



I put in my hours


I see


Plus I didn’t actually change anything in this update

Just refreshed the look


I support these 100000%, as long as we remove the conversion prevention aspect from starting GK.

I would also prefer the night abilities to be those things I suggested in another thread but I know it’s a lot to ask so not really complaining. As long as we get Allies deleted from even just GK I will be very happy


So what I’m hearing is you fully support 89% of my King cards, and of the remaining 11% support 99% of it, for a total of supporting 99.8448% of my suggestion.

I’ll take that :laughing:


I dont know why this is not a thing yet in the game.


Why thank you