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King Rework [orangeandblack5 Edition]


This is just my two cents on the matter.

The King
Random Special

Head of State (Passive) - Your vote counts as two until you use Decide Fate, and you can talk at all points in a trial. If you are the starting Good King and you are executed, members of the Blue Dragon with royal blood will no longer gain extra votes to be King.

Tenacity (Passive) - Immune to being occupied at night and immune to target changing. If you are the Psychopathic King, this ability also makes you immune to death at night.

Decide Fate (Day) - Decide the fate of a player on trial. This removes the extra vote from your Head of State passive permanently. (1 use)

Royal Finger (Day) - Resets all votes. Only you or your target may be voted for the rest of the day. (2 uses)
Replaced by:
Hide (Day) - Neutral King exclusive. Nobody will be able to visit you tonight, regardless of immunities to occupation or preventions. (2 uses)

Guards! (Night) - Have a guard protect you tonight. You will be immune to death tonight. (2 uses)
Replaced by:
Order Execution (Night) - Psychopathic King exclusive. Send a guard to kill a player. (Infinite uses)

Starting King exclusive powers (these replace the standard Guards!):

Assist (Night) - Send guards to protect your target from attack, making them immune to death, occupation, and redirection tonight.
If you are the starting Good King, this also protects your target against conversion.
If you are the starting Evil/Cult King, you have an extra use, it makes your target appear as Blue Dragon to investigations, and you may target yourself. (3 uses)

Guards! (Night) - Starting Good King exclusive. Have a guard protect you tonight. You will be immune to death tonight. (3 uses)
Allies (Night) - Starting Evil/Cult King exclusive. Discover if a player is a member of your faction. (4 uses)

It’s simply my opinion on how King should be, taking some suggestions by others.

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Amazing rework orange more different than Ici’s I have to say especially with the name “Head of State” really makes you think that he’s in charge AND that he is Royal and he is judge and he gets to decide things so I think this would be an excellent change.


And there is no mistakes on the post I had to point out amazing job 10000000/1 marks SS+


Wth is every post here withdrawn



In all seriousness I’m perfectly fine with this.


Success :slight_smile:


I noticed


true forum necromancy

Literally bringing it back from the dead



Speficially for people like @NightX, @Navi, @Shrimpy, @Livicus, and @TinyDeer (among others) to critique


I like Head of State. It’s annoying to have to use royal finger.

I’m against Royal Summons, since it is pretty much like Prince, although you know who the Prince is.

Royal Court seems nice, since it doesn’t show evils who is giving you information.

Starting Guards blocking converts helps King, though not much. I think it works.

I’d personally just ditch Royal Summons, and then you can keep Psycho King mostly the same, just giving him Head of State. Overall pretty good.


I still really like Order Execution. It allows a central player to sneakily remove another.

Although it hurts the Scorned in the long run. but so does Prince.


I prefer my Rework but yours isn’t that bad either

Royal Summons could end up badly though, if Evil King is using it to find Prince


I think that’s partially the point of royal summons. It gives evil king something to do and a way to get (very very limited) information.


Guys … King is perfect how it is already … why fix something that isn’t broken?


The kill is kind of out of place.

Fun? Quite.

But not really a cohesive design.

I’m fine with King as-is, but would slightly prefer some support and/or social skills.


Think about this.

The King is the ruler, in a way. Now if we could merge King and Prince to create an abomination what I’m saying would make more sense, but anyways

Outing someone in public is one thing, but what I like to do sometimes is to just ask the King to kill people. And it works out.


I’d be fine with keeping Order Execution, but two kills may be a tad overkill with the rest of my changes

I’ll look at it though, as I do agree that Order Execution works much better than I would have anticipated

It’s just really really good, and I’m not convinced King needs to be that powerful

King Guard Broken

Sorry, I should have said the King is perfect without order exe lol


I love Royal Summons. In general I love this rework


That seems like the exact opposite of what you said earlier

But ok