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Kids With Guns - Mafia Chat


claim innocent child


And if no one CC’s me?


Means I will more than likely got shot tonight and won’t be able to set the bomb off if I get shot by the vig since my kill turns up 10 minutes after SOD


I feel like because activity is low right now, it might be better just going on the offence



I forgot about that. I claim it now and then see if anyone cc’s that. If someone does, then I just bomb the real IC after?



Time for the shit show to star if people are active. If not, would you say a Cap, OTB or HJ bomb?


HJ unvoted right now. You as well as Insanity are the only votes on me right now



Captain just cc’d me as the real one @Marluxion

What to do now then?


Also, can I please do the omia waru shinduru meme with an at at the person I’m going to bomb, so they will think what.


Bomb him before EoD


Again, bit of a risk, but I can try and get it sent in 20 to 15 minutes before if possible.

You sure Cap will be ok, and is not the real IC and is just ccing me anyway though?


Oh right:

If wolfy is shot during the night, his bomb won’t go off the following day.


as long as you manage to explode its fine


Make sure you kill HJ as soon as possible, but try and start a new wagon ASAP.

The shade I threw on you early as well might give you reasons why you could not be scum and looked like I was WKing you


@Wolfy bomb now


@Icibalus can i puppet his bomb onto captain now


Yes. You can.


He explodes now and kills captain


Was about to do it noe


Wanted to do the omea meme