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Kids With Guns - Mafia Chat


I don’t deny that at all.


Try to shift it to me IMO
especially after softing a pr there’s very little ways you’re making it late alive


Insanity is a pretty hard mislynch imo


This is why I think he could be worth the bomb. However, he was barely active yesterday, so his inactivity could be something to save you, and he listens to you more as he sheeps you baselessly at times any way :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m 100% shooting hjasik tonight imo
He isn’t going to believe me surviving is a ruse
He’ll push on me without fail tomorrow


If we can hit a PR with your bomb today it’ll be ideal


8-> 7 with your bomb
7-> 6 with a mislynch
6->5 with my shot tonight

I have to survive two lynches to win


Agreed. I haven’t decided on who to bomb yet, so I’ll do it close to EoD so there’s not a lot more time for discussion


Only 1 if vigi shoots too


What time you think I should set my action. Bout 4:30 my time?


That’s if I can’t get out of the wagon right now


Right before EOD so there isn’t much time to CFD if possible


Bit of a risk as I finish lecture at 5pm my time…

I could try and set it for 4:50?


could work


Gives you an hour and a bit to think holy shit. Ok, who now then


As long as two people are on and get plurality on some like OTB or Cap.

Noz would be worth keeping alive as well as if he finds sonething scummy from someone, then he holds on tight.

I’m debating bombing HJ and Insanity as well as Cap. If you think HJ is a massive risk, I might have to go for him, but it’s a risk he isn’t the vig


Also, bit of extra shade on you.

I think HJ and Kai is TvT if anything. It reminds me of 6d6 where I was convinced he was scum because he was acting so scummily, especially in other games as well.

I get this impression right now as well. You just “think” this is the case.


I also want you to make the final decision on the bomb target since you might pick out vig better than me. The only issue as well is that Ici may not be on time to answer your question since I have to assume he’s got school at this time, so might have to bomb today.


From the OP:

  • Suicide bomber can activate at any time, but always kills during the day. If chosen during the night it kills 10 minutes after SoD.

Ici may correct me on this but I interpret it as if you activated during the night but were shot before SoD, the bomb wouldn’t go off.


@Marluxion, any idea for me to bomb into yet right now so since we’re slowly running out of time.