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Kids With Guns - Mafia Chat


Oh. I missed that completely. Yiu can tell nower days I get scattered brained since I have too much uni work to do. I probably need to have a break from FM some point just to settle myself


Start softing a PR


Things like “you really don’t want to lynch me”
“you will regret lynching me”
stuff like that


Here we go. Gonna try and push Insanity ever slightly. They do often make own reasonings in small set up games and don’t blindly sheep


Got it. If they don’t believe me, worst come to worse, I’ll detonate myself today before my lynch


just soft it for now
hard claim in a couple of hours if you’re still the biggest wagon


Hard claim innocent child


The real one will CC you and then we’ll have a bomb target if nothing else


So hard claim now?


once Ici answers about the vigilante question, we could have you claim vigi instead


not yet just soft a pr


Gonna try throwing some shade on you slightly. Saying something like this

"Really Marl?!?

You’re better than this. You do much better listening to your own mind rather than listening to your gut. How the hell am i not being motivated right now?!?! Barely anyone is here and I can do fuck all!

You really don’t wanna lynch me this day anyway…"


seems fine


It’s a bit of a risk cuz you know the if Marl lives N1 he’s scum meta. So kinda needed to show you this slightly as well so you could use this if people accusing you so you can claim it was a potential white knight of insanity as well as well as me shade throwing you


Vote me too
spice it up and make it a legitimate shadethrow like you did to insanity


try your hardest to shift the wagon onto me


it’s like the only way i’m gonna survive past n3


I would assume my bomb doesn’t go off is my best bet.


Close to EOD, we should try and shift the wagon to Insanity if possible as well


only way to make sure is to ask ici though