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Kids With Guns - Game Over - Maybe giving people lots of Kp in a 8'er wasn't a good idea


Alright, thats understandable. Thank you for your feedback and now I must prove that I can work well in a semi-mountainous setup


Why is geyde mod

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no offence geyde


Oh Luxy, idk if you have heard, but a ton of shit went down a month ago.

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that’s not going to happen


I checked the forums the first time in over a week, and this is the first thing i see lul.

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Ellie and Luxx left as devs, but laterly have been banned
Marl, Jasmine, Ashe, Alpha and Greg have been demoded
Robflop demoted themselves
Romana and Central have been dejudged
Icibalus demoted themselves
Aaand Derprabbit, Lily, me, Cassar and Ace have been deguided

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You forgot that there were some other bans and its one of those topics that you dont mention unless you want everyone to hate you


I don’t know either :stuck_out_tongue:


But i want marl


Marl doesn’t want to be here


Wrong topic.




: ^)

pls no