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Kids With Guns - Game Over - Maybe giving people lots of Kp in a 8'er wasn't a good idea


You were obviously the vigilante


What did give me up?


Hinting at a PR

You didn’t say anything about him claiming vigi
because you were the vigi
It’s a subtle slip but a slip nonetheless


I think i’ve come a decently long way in terms of my scum play from chess mafia. I’m proud at not panicking at all when shade was thrown at me this game


Congrats marl and Wolfy!
That was well deserved you see,
Between you and me,
In your team I wanna be.

Next game will be cool,
Every session is a school,
Take notes to use as a tool,
So that I won’t be a fool.


Next up is Elemental Large
A multiball game
I hear @Luxy is in charge
I sure hope it isn’t lame

So now is the time
Just look at this chart :chart:
Ignoring me is a crime
So go ahead and start


Twas a fun game. Only regret was I wasn’t online at the time Marl shadowed my action since I wanted to do the omae meme to Captain. You took the fun away from me Marl :sob:


But Marl was great! I’m kinda touched he said to me I’m a good scum reader at times.

I feel like I’m losing my touch ever so slightly though since my brain just feelw painful at times since of uni


yeah but if you do that meme it gives away 100% you’re the bomber :thinking:

there was still some doubt i could throw at captain if it wasn’t completely obvious


True that. I didn’t think of that sinve realistically as well, I could have been the IC as well consideribg he should have made the night action.

Still kinda surprised Cap cced me rather than solving the issue properly


I only got triggered 35% ok


Why did you necro?


Why you ask celeste


Assume best intentions


oh grats on mod

closed #679

Necro-Shield activate!

opened #680

Legitimate cause for wanting to revive the thread was given.
Go nuts.



Could you give a reason why you wouldve used Wisdom of the mod if I joined?

Was my playstyle at the time just bad for FM or was it just bad scumreading?


no shit


Because though I do really like you we both know that you’re not in the habit of tryharding competetive games, only bastard ones.