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Kids With Guns - Game Over - Maybe giving people lots of Kp in a 8'er wasn't a good idea


ask marl. oof


Cause you would death tunnel him if he lived


Great, we gave a couple of kids guns and look what happened.

And a bomb! Don’t forget the bomb!

Blew themselves both up, beyond recognition. I feel terrible.

Who gave them those weapons, we’ll give them what for!

Yeah! Yeah we will… heh… heheh… I uh, I gotta go…


Why would I


Flip or riot


Why do you think I would death tunnel marl


I didn’t think, that’s legit the reason they killed you


everyone know how aggresive you can get. lol


But I wouldn’t have tunneled




Well, there they go. Poor person. Didn’t even have a gun. What an utter shame.

overthebin was lynched, they were a Vanilla Townie.

The Mafia (Wolfy/Marluxion) wins!


Ez Carry


Fire why do you think I would have tunneled Marl?


I love how marl did a complete 180 on me and nobody batted an eye


I literally said it was their reason not mine


You saw that in scumchat?


Can you add me there?


Then later on while the Kid was growing up into a Wolf,
He founded a group which scares the townfolks with their dreadful water pistols.


Don’t feel bad bin!
You played pretty well
Even if all the town yell
But to be honest, their play kinda smells

Wolfy blew up
But hey that’s the setup
Did scum play well? Yup!
To the rest of you, all i’ll say is… 'Sup.


Marl why kill me wtf