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Kids With Guns - Game Over - Maybe giving people lots of Kp in a 8'er wasn't a good idea


I’ll start us off

Why hey there Bin!
You’re lookin’ kinda thin
Scumming got you down?
I’m sorry you can’t win~

Our townblock did work
and i can’t help but smirk
when it comes to my rhymes
you can’t do shit but lurk


Marl, marl how I can see you grin,
Thinking that you have a chance to possibly win,
If you really think that we’re going to lose,
Then you’ve probably got some loose screws.

Great work on dealing with the two PR,
But you’ll only ever get so far.
One vote from luxy and the game will end,
This is where we win, my friend.


I don’t feel the need to Defend,
We’ll see my not-so-town friend
Who’s left standing in the end
Spoiler; It’s the town that will ascend

Bin, my chum
I lead this Forum
I know you ain’t dumb
You’re just scum.


we need to have a round of jackbox party pack 5, there’s a minigame in which you have to fight in a rap battle as giant robots


Its sad I have to read the word forum as ‘four-rum’ (as im alcohol) in order for that to work xD


time to write a thesis on how to scum read rap battles


Town will ascend if you have fallen,
With your face all bruised and swollen,
Sorry for the graphic description,
But your loss is already written.

Cry as you wish when this is over,
And get back up when you become sober.
How many hours is this day again?
A tick and a tock and your life will drain.


Who had the better rhymes

  • Marl
  • Bin

0 voters


Hmm ok I guess I’ll end this game ok


Rap battle was fun tho


/vote overthebin




Was I correct @Marluxion


@Wolfy we did it




oh dear, they’ve only gone and done it now.



Brain said it was otb, gut said it was marl, shouldve trusted my gut


(Can I talk now that the game is over :frowning: )


I think so


Rate my play