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Kids With Guns - Game Over - Maybe giving people lots of Kp in a 8'er wasn't a good idea


do you think luxy is scum


Are you scum


yes, i play teemo top


He isn’t off the table. That’s what I can say.



Slight Towny Post

Scum would say don’t let mafia win by voting me, not let town lose.


It’s a slight psychological thing, and I don’t know how AI it is tbh.


but they mean the same thing :thinking:


It’s psychological, it happened in Mountainous


But that’s only one game which is why I said I don’t know how AI it is.


mafia winning
and town losing
are the same thing
i dont think there’s any psychology involved there


In Mountainous
Scum me said: ‘gg mafia wins’ just before being lynched
Town Insanity said: ‘gg town loses’ just before being lynched


You know what? F it. I’ve decided luxy is town. /Vote Marl


Well this is a predicament


That’s an easy way to solve


Luxy didn’t immediately hammer
Meaning it’s otb
/vote Overthebin


Or it’s you


Ok I want 4000 word cases on each other from both of you


You didn’t hammer me immediately therefore Bin is scum
It’s that simple


Besides the quotes I’ve posted and that marl have been rolling town all the previous games I’ve been in, it leads me to the conclusion that marl is scum this game.