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Kids With Guns - Game Over - Maybe giving people lots of Kp in a 8'er wasn't a good idea


are you trying to pocket me


That would be funny if I was :^)


i dont want to vote until ici confirms wether votes are locked in final 3


I gave you my reads on him you can use that.


Your read is literally ‘marl is still alive must be scum’

Which is a fallacy and exactly the thing I’d thought scum!bin would do but I digress


They both mean the same thing this context imho.


took you a while to come up with a response to that though




I added more quotes besides that if you didn’t read.


And his first reply to me wasn’t about the slip but instead how I cannot read you


Sorry I have some real life things to do.


Marl wanting the game to be sped up is NAI


you responded to other later messages dont pull that bullshit here


He did it in Infection and he was town there


mostly because elemental large is up next and i love multiball games


@Icibalus come and moderate your game, are votes locked.


Honestly I just wanna no balls and vote otb I’m like 99% on him now


Don’t lose us the game if you’re town by doing that.


i mean you literally could
it matters 0% to me
my vote will probably end up deciding the game anyway since bin will be forced to vote you after


Unless you’re scum, then great work.