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Kids With Guns - Game Over - Maybe giving people lots of Kp in a 8'er wasn't a good idea


I don’t think it’s the case but can you imagine how 10,000 iq captain would feel if he did that


Why would you bring this up now?


because i just randomly thought of it
i was looking at wolfy’s iso and it reeks of desperate scum so i dont think it’s a realistic possibility though


I’ll MVP Captain if that happens. Lol.


It’s good to step back and smell the roses once in a while.


Idk it feels like changing the topic for no reason


literally why are you two almost identical in terms of placements on vcs
like both of you were voting kai and inactive before the bomb
it’s impossible to do wagonomics


I forgot about this game tbh


are you implying that’s a bad thing? :thinking:
the topic of the night kill is a wifom minefield and doesn’t benefit us at all


see but that’s the exact same excuse bin has
from my perspective the two of you are almost identical pre-f4


Sigh the night kill was my main thinking of who would be scum tbh while the night was going on, it’s the only thing I have to go off, besides otb doing all the things I thought he would do as scum but even then I’m still not convinced


We are at the final stage. Things get way serious from that point on.


Wolfy post

Town want to gamesolve as early as possible not ride it out into f4


The biggest thing to me is overthebin saying the exact same thing here as he did in Dustpan, that’s the biggest scumping I have.

While the night was going on I was like
‘If I die it’s definitely Marl, if Insanity dies it’s probably otb.’


If I flip town stop relying on metas. Thanks.


this isn’t even a meta thing bin


well the dustpan bullshit is yeah


that’s a huge red flag


I think that’s a scumslip


I’m inclined to vote bin here, if Marl is scum then I applaud him. I cannot read marl for the life of me.