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Kids With Guns - Game Over - Maybe giving people lots of Kp in a 8'er wasn't a good idea


also i think this is blatantly false
until final 4 you’d said maybe 6 relevant things


Look at the picture I posted and sense the sarcasm.




I’m like 65 otb 35 Luxy right now

@overthebin pls make a wallpost on why you aren’t the last remaining mafia


Something about Marl’s tone feels off


Im so confused lol


But I think if Marl was mafia he would kill me


Marl as mafia would easily be able to manipulate Insanity to vote otb


but once again we loop into wifom territory
you saying that immediately upon SOD makes me think you could have easily wifom’d that kill
I’m not going to vote otb until i’m entirely convinced this isn’t a charade


Wallposts? You already isolated my quotes iirc.


“write a 3 page essay on why you aren’t mafia”


is essentially what i meant :thinking:


I posted reasons on why you’re scum. Scroll up. About why I’m not mafia? Im not sure how do you prove that sort of thing imo. Does posting the meme about being inactive as town counts?


Hmm I don’t see anything particularly scummy about Marl’s ISO


+1 townpoints


Give me an example senpai


that’s a good reply
if you had actually written a wall post on why you weren’t mafia i’d have voted you and never removed it


I thought that was where you were going with it


You know what’d be batshit insane


what if Captain was the bomber all along
and he counterclaimed Wolfy fully intending to bomb him