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Kids With Guns - Game Over - Maybe giving people lots of Kp in a 8'er wasn't a good idea


Well you can always let yourself in if you’re scum.


That’s what I was thinking ecks dee


But I’m not gonna let my mislynched streak end here so scum are in over their heads if they think i’m gonna just die :^)


Never been in a marl game where he survived through the whole game as scum tbh. He’s always taking the bullet for pr or something as town.


Theres only one scum marl


That’s the reason you didn’t night kill me last night. You figured you’d have an easier time trying to pin it on me than convincing both Insanity and Luxy


scum is singular dingus


You agreeing quickly with me gives you scum points tbh.




don’t @ me


I’m pretty much convinced it’s otb he did exactly what I thought he would do as scum


If Marl is scum gg


? Explain.


I’m going to need more convincing
OTB killing insanity seems too obvious?
We’re in WIFOM Territory here honestly


Is it too obvious? or is it just as simple as that?


As I said before you said stuff same as in Dustpan
You started off by shade throwing me for thinking im not the killer
You then decide to shadethrow marl for not dying <-- Key Point
Then I get ‘scumpoints’ for agreeing with something?


literally his last words


insanity hasn’t been known for his scumreading skills though


When I said yesterday ‘Do ya’ll wanna lynch marl’ I was trying to bait a reaction from otb but only got it from Insanity


Note that scum can use that to frame me.