Kape's Cult Rework

Starting Cult Leader buffs:

Cult Leader

Cult Special

Zealotry: Only the starting Cult Leader has this. If Brainwash is on cooldown, replace it with Blood of Mithras. It will additionally convert another player if you successfully sacrifice someone. You only appear to visit the conversion target. This will update the conversion cooldown if successful.

Blood of Mithras (inf): Sacrifice any Cult member to gain 2 charges of Eradicate. Other members gain 1 charge of all their abilities. Additionally, the Cult will gain a buff depending on the class of the sacrificed Cult member.
Rupture (3 use): Bleed a player, they will die in 2 nights if not healed.

Brainwash (inf use): Convert a player to the Cult. 2 day cooldown if successful.
Eradicate (3 use): Attack 2 players.

Smaller Cult changes:

No changes.

No changes.

Brotherhood uses reduced to 2.

Will now additionally have:
God’s Blood: Only the starting Seeker has this. During elections for a new King, votes for you count twice. Passive kept on class change.

Additionally, Gaze gets replaced with:
Gaze (3 use): Target 2 players and get info based on their class type.
If they have the same class type, you will learn their classes.
If they have the same class group (flirt), you will learn that.
Otherwise it will return incompatible.

New class!


Cult Killer

Broken Mind: Cannot regain ability charges.

Shape of Mithras (1 use): If you die tonight, you will appear as chosen class.

Shared Burden (2 uses): You will be the one visiting the Cult Leaders targets tonight instead. The oldest Acolyte takes priority.
Prey Upon (2 use): If your target visits a Cult member tonight, attack them.

Blood of Mithras buffs:

Additionally the Cult Leader will regain one use of Rupture.

The Cult will have a private day chat for the next day.

Cult Leader:
The next use of Brainwash will result in a guaranteed conversion.

The Cult will have their abilities succeed tonight. Bypass occupation, redirection and imprison.

The Cult will appear as not suspicious to investigative checks tonight.

Each Cultist will see the feedback of abilities that targetted them tonight.


Where’s Seeker?



Pretty good

Cults good but weak it needs some buff since unseens conversions ard stronger

If this somehow gets accepted into the game, Paladin might need a buff.

Considering how the cult opperates I actually think this is a downgrade.

Unlike with the Unseen, knowing someone’s class type is disproportionately important due to how Cult conversion works. Having a reliable type check is thus more valuable than an unreliable class check. If you really want to buff it then I’d make it also return faction as well as class type.

Until we have more data on how well cult is doing I wouldn’t touch Ritualist TBH.

This seems incredibly weak. There isn’t much of an advantage to having the Acolyte visit since the CL is just as expendable

Ritualist already has a unique effect when Sacraficed

How exactly?

So if they are jailed what happens?

Due to how Seeker is overshadowed by the other converts, it’s biggest value being removing an invest from the game, I think that changing his flirt into something that gives more info is much more desirable. Also I like this ability so I want to throw it on as many classes as I can (/s)

I believe Brotherhood needs a nerf, but I can agree with waiting on actual stats with it. For now it’s just an idea.

This rework is making the starting CL more valuable due to the ability to chain convert using his passive.

This would replace it.

Pity convert rules.

Think support empower.

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I don’t disagree with buffing Seeker. I’m just saying that this isn’t a buff in the first place.

I think it’s an ability with a higher skill ceiling and arguably similar skill floor.
Your odds of hitting at least same flirt result are pretty high.
Having it be Type + Faction seems boring imo and I like this ability

Debatable but misses the point

Irrelevant. Simply hitting the right flirt result is not enough to get the information you want.

Also 1/3 aren’t good odds compared to the current guaranteed results.

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The value of Seeker is diminished because of the meta.

Reaper (Only countered by knights and can easily kill them) or randomly converted enforcer is the only why you’re going to want to not have open claim meta.

(Stonewall, sage ect don’t do jack againist king guards).

The Sage gives you bleed Kills. Kings are immune but healers are not.

Phys inoculates prince

Sometimes. If you are fast enough (as assassin) they won’t and if you don’t think you are then you can still get 2 free Kills.

Or just attack the Prince twice. Safeguards mechanic’s ensure that he can’t guard both attacks

Lol? safeguard makes then immune for the night what do you mean.

You can’t target the same player twice in a row with it.


oh wait nvm you right I forgot