Kape's big balance suggestion

It’s a server/game issue. The 9th vote literally doesn’t matter. But it still shows up. So people expect it to shoot X, when it actually shoots Y instead.

Still a bit better than the previous one. Less sheeping and an easier claim more than make up for that issue.

Killing isn’t the only way that inq can achieve their goal. And Pretender should have a one-time immunity.

Lets start with good changes

-Occupation, less confirmable.
-Day ability, pretty useful, helps people if they missclick ect.
-Silence, nice small buff, fits with reaper chill.
-Court wizards day ability sounds cool (I dont get why cw cant empower them afterwards though.
-Hunters mark change is good, HM is bassically a weaker Cs with less of a drawback when killing bd.
-Maid changes pretty good, but maid is already very useful
-Noble Twin less confirmable and a pretty intresting idea.
-Scorned Change, very intresting idea, I’d like to see this it’s similar to how mercenary works

Meh changes

-Mystic while some parts seem a little too much it’s generally a good change, also illusionists second ability being usefull is cool
-Pretender, I’d change it into “1x” everytime It kill a royal, I personally don’t like this class and needs a total rehaul imo.
-New bd killer class. Seems good but it seems a little underpowered tbh, Knight and hunter do a better job.
-Mercenary 7 Brilders I couldn’t care if this was changed either way

Bad changes

-Hunter bear occupation immunity is a big disagreement with me I feel like Three death immune and conversion immunes that also kill attackers is powerful enough
-Inquisitor Mercenary shouldn’t be a heathen as much as a fool or scorned shouldn’t be they have to survive until a certain point to complete there objective and shouldn’t be considered to be heathens, also Sellsword doesn’t work being a heathen because of your change suggestion.
-Sellsword change, no no no. This creates false difficulty, also doesn’t allow sellsword to make cool plays like getting two people executed while claming maid ect, just ruins the class


It’s to prevent the CW from locking himself to an Offensive or Social for easy immunity. Basically, balance.

Its two uses

Thats still 2 nights of death or conversion immunity on you.

Yeah hunter has three nights of both

But hunter gives it only to himself, while CW protects not only himself, but also his target.

Yeah but it feels unnecessary to nerf something thats two uses.

Some of them are really good like all mechanic changes and the pretender one, mystic pm rework is also soo gut ( not the illu one ) and I think others are bad

And pls dont make hunter occupy immune while bearing, pointless buff

Why do you dislike the “others”?
That’s including the Noble change, which afaik everyone has been praising so far.

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I didnt see the noble change, just looked up and it is good


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I’m not sure if that’s a positive or negative reaction, but thanks?

I’m a righteous christian girl on this christian forum.


All of this is good

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