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Kape's big balance suggestion



  • Occupation:
    Merge multiple occupation feedbacks into a single message. (if you were occupied by 2 butlers you would only see one occupation message)

  • Day abilities:
    Day abilities that take effect during the night (CM, Exhume, Poison, etc.) will not be consumed until day ends. If you are executed during the day, they will not be used.

  • Silence
    Will also prevent voting.

  • Mind Warp
    Cult or Unseen members investigated by an invest class affected by Mind Warp will appear as ‘not suspicious’

Smaller class changes

  • Court Wizard:
    Clear Mind reduced to 2 uses.
    New day ability: Overloaded (2 use): Your empower will also affect you based on your targets class type. You will be unable to empower your target again.

  • Hunter
    Retribution is first to vote again.
    Bear now grants Occupation immunity when used.
    Hunter’s mark will not attack when redirected (like Knight’s CS)

  • Maid/ Handmaiden
    Nosy Servants and Prying Servants are now a day ability.

  • Noble/ Aristocrat
    Noble Twin (2 use): Choose a player. All day abilities that target you will also affect your target. Does not affect Imprison and Noble Twin.

  • Inquisitor
    Can now get Mercenary and Sellsword as Heathens.

  • Mercenary
    Now needs 7 brilders to win.

  • Scorned
    Will be able to keep framing people after winning.
    Each additional mark gives you bonus GP.
    After winning, if you are unable to get a successful mark each day you will suicide.

  • Sellsword
    Win condition changed to: “Survive to see the Blue Dragon defeated”
    New passive: Dirty Deeds: You will be immune to non-BD attacks once.

Big class reworks

  • Mystic Rework

Mystic (BD Social, Unique)
Busy Mind: Immune to occupation and redirection. You will keep this even if your class changes.

Telepathy (2 use): Telepathically send a message to everyone.
Will get a dedicated input box for itself (like Trollbox). Can be canceled.
Private Matters changed into Connection
Connection (4 use): Add a player to your Conduit group.

Link Mind (inf use): Link a player, you will be able to talk to him during the night. Cannot target the same player twice in a row.
Conduit (2 use): Link all players in your Conduit group together, you will be able to talk to each other.

Private Matters (2 use): Link your minds with the other Unseen members. You will be able to talk privately today (Unseen day chat)
Mental Blur changed into Conduit.
Conduit (2 use): Link all players in your Conduit group together, you will be able to talk to each other.

  • Pretender Rework

The Pretender :shield:

Neutral Special
Dirty Blood: You are death immune and appear as royal to investigative checks.
Usurper: During the King election, votes for you will be multiplied by the number of Kings you have successfully killed. (starting at 1x, so if you kill one king you get 2x which is royal blood, 2 kings 3x, etc.)

Bribe (1 use): Your attack will bypass the Kings guards tonight.
Silence (2 use): Silence a player for 20 seconds

Blood Test (inf use): Check if a player has Royal Blood or is the King. If they are you will attack them tonight. They can not be healed. Cannot be used on the same target twice in a row.
Mimicry (inf use): Use the first ability of the last Non-Unique class with Royal Blood that you killed.

Win condition: Become King and survive until the end of the game.

New class!

Highwayman (BD Killer)
Guilty Conscience: You cannot shoot twice in a row. If you shoot a member of the Blue Dragon you will be unable to use Pistol shot. You will also bleed yourself.
Anemic: You cannot be healed from bleeding. You will keep this passive even if you change your class.

Tracking Shot (1 use): Mark a player, if they die tonight regain 1 use of all your abilities.
Cripling Shot (1 use): Attacking someone with Pistol Shot will also occupy them tonight.

Pistol Shot (2 use): Attack a player. You will not attack if redirected. Cannot be used before n2.
Riposte (0 use): You will attack everyone that attacked you tonight. (MAX 1)

Still working on a conversion for him.

New abilities.
Some buffs.
Some nerfs.
A new class.
Should be fun.

Edit #1:
Some small wording changes.
CW Overload will now disable empowering that player after being used on him.
Removed the Princess change.
Removed the ability to chain Noble Twins.
Scorned will suicide if he can’t get a successful mark after winning the game.
Sellsword moved to small changes. Stonewall now works as it used to.
Mystic and Illusionist now easier to look at.
Illusionist Private Matters now works as a day chat.
Complete Pretender rework.
Some small HWM wording and Pistol Shot changes.


heck no


I think I can see that as a nk rather then a neut at that point


Anything to make BD more likely to exe a Pretender claim.


I don’t like this


it’s not even that, it’s the fact that it makes the pretender a neutral killing all in name but not type. It’s like old inquisitor, we called him a NK thats secretly disguised as a neutral investigative.




Mechanic changes: all good.
CW day ability sounds fun, but only empowering social or offensive will actually do anything.
Noble Twin: okay this is a bit confusing. I’ll have to look over all day abilities, but most of them are evil I guess, so this is mostly an offensive ability?


Innoculate and CM were the ones I was thinking of.
Also can be used as a bleed/ chill repelant with proper placing.


Time to befriend an Alchemist o.O
Death immunity of the finest.


It’s targetted on you, so can’t steal a Stoneskin for yourself :frowning:


Updated the suggestion after initial feedback. :+1:


This is good, but poison should not be included. Inoculate can still block it.

This is good, but the nerf should just be reverted instead. It wasn’t confusing(at least no more so than framing), and you should not balance for non-balance reasons

It’s fine as is. The current one discourages sheeping and makes hunter a valid fake claim.

Hunter and Poacher should just have total occupation immunity back.

No. Redirecting knights and hunters is a valid strategy, and if anything Mark should make you occupation immune rather than bear.

I’d prefer alch and pretender instead of these two since they don’t have to survive to win.

Unsure about this. I agree that a sellsword shouldn’t be able to win by doing nothing, but suiciding to buy time is a valid strategy.

Should work on BD as well. There is no good reason why it shouldn’t.

Pretender needs a rework but this isn’t it.

I support everything else.


You cannot block a poison

And then you have 2 people who are last to vote at the same time and it shoots “randomly”

Pretender has perma death immunity before stepping :confused:


Pretender is infinitely death immune


That actually false it has a vote order and trust me ive been in a game were hunter was being voted up but i couldn't vote him up otherwise i would have died and in turn cause the unseen to lose since i was the Assassin and we didnt have majority til we kill and convert one bd. We needed a misvote otherwise the MM would have been voted up next Hunter was sus as being the assassin


Actually no not really. When you vote someone it says X accused someone. If they did it exactly at the same time one would be before the other one. It’s no different from voting them first at the exact same time


This happens when you get 9/8 required votes to up someone. “Randomly” because you can see, say, [5] being the last vote, but the arrow shoots [13] due to being the last required vote.


that’s a bug and not a mechanic issue then


9/8 shouldn’t happen as that’s not how majority works