Kais very cool ama thread


i’m bored, there’s no question i won’t answer sans revealing my face/unaltered voice

What’s something you value roughly as much as you value your left pinkie finger?

my deck of cards
my grandpa gave it to me so it holds sentimental value to me and i find my left pinky very important so yea

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What is your favourite alignment in mafia?

town easily
it’s so satisfying to pull off a perfect poe

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What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

go to school insanely hungover

What’s your favorite class in ToL?


it actually takes skill which is why i enjoy it

What do you think of Fool the ToL class


Tbh and rate :sunglasses:

What happened to leaving? :thinking:

rate meme

serious:financial limitations on my part to not get effective treatment plus the fact i’m actually 2 weeks sober so go me :partying_face:


it’s literal unwashed ass

it really serves as a crutch to poor play from scum members and unfun to play against.
It seriously needs an overhaul.

tbh your pretty chill
solid 9

Oh shit nice keep it up my dude

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In which disciplines of FM you focus on improving? What are your favorite parts of FM games?

A bad gambit wins the game whilst a great one easily wins the game
Fav part is easily pulling off a clean as hell game as either alignment, its insanely satisfying